Finding Signs from Your Loved Ones

Signs Your Loved One is Close

If you have ever lost someone close to you, you know how hard it is. You miss them, everything about them such as their smell, their smile, and the way that they say or do things. Some people wish that their loved one could send them a gift and let them know that they are around, and the truth is, they can.

It may seem like it is not real but your loved one can send you a sign that they are close to you or that they are okay.


One way that your loved one can send you a message is through dreams. They can show you themselves in the dream and the dream can be random or it can be an experience that you have had with them. In this kind of dream, chances are that you will hear their voice, be able to talk to them, feel them touch you, smell them or get a special message that they want to give you.

When you wake up, you will maybe be so drawn in that you don’t even realize that it was a dream. Not only was it a dream, but it was a dream from your loved one, a gift to show you that they love you.


Your loved one no longer is in the body so they have free energy to roam and to see things they couldn’t see or do before. They can even come to you and see you when you are home or out and about, and you might not realize they are there at first.

Here are some things that could happen when your loved one comes into the room as a spirit:

  • The television turns off.
  • The volume on the television goes up.
  • A text comes through from someone you don’t know.
  • The lights go off and on.

At first this might scare you but once you realize that it is your loved one in spirit, you can begin to talk to them and tell them you love them.


You might smell your loved one when they come into your room or smell something that you were used to smelling when they were around such as cookies baking or the smell of the garden.

If you smell things and you are not in that place or you are not doing that thing, know it is your loved one trying to get you to recognize them.


When you walk down the road and you see a coin and you go to pick it up, chances are it will be an older coin or a coin that is not from your country. If this happens, chances are you are getting a coin from a spirit that wants you to know that they still care about you.

Thinking of You

There are some different things that can happen to show you that your loved one is thinking of you and here are some things you might see:

  • Coins
  • Feathers
  • Lights
  • Rocks
  • Flowers
  • Animals


Spirits will leave you gifts when they can so that they can show you they are thinking about you. They might even play songs for you or show you signs that points out they are there. Do not ignore these signs because they are not coincidences, but they are special signs that your loved one wants you to see.

Your loved one might even send you an animal so that the animal can give you a sign. If your grandma loved butterflies and you find that a butterfly is following you around, you might be getting a gift from your loved ones.

Remember, different smells and objects that are in your life might be from your loved one that has passed on and you are missing them. These are signs that they are still with you, and they want to show you that they love you.

Always look out for things that can connect you with your missing loved one so that you can have love and peace.


  1. The idea that spirits leave small tokens like coins or feathers is fascinating. While these might just be everyday occurrences, the interpretation can offer a sense of connection and ongoing presence of loved ones.

  2. The description of physical signs such as lights flickering or smells appearing seems to venture into the realm of personal belief rather than scientific evidence. Nevertheless, such experiences might provide solace to those who are grieving.

  3. Oh splendid! Next time my TV mysteriously turns off, I’ll know it’s Aunt Edna sending her regards. And here I thought it was just a power surge. Truly, one must suspend all logical faculties to digest this.

  4. The article presents an interesting perspective on how loved ones might communicate after passing. While some might find comfort in these experiences, others might require more empirical evidence.

  5. While I appreciate the sentiment, I can’t help but feel skeptical about the idea of spirits interacting with us in such tangible ways. It feels more like wishful thinking rather than something grounded in reality.

  6. The mention of animals as possible messengers from departed loved ones is quite touching. It adds a layer of meaning to encounters with nature that some might find comforting during times of loss.

  7. This article beautifully captures the subtle, yet profound ways our loved ones can still communicate with us from beyond. The idea of dreams and unexpected signs, like a familiar smell or finding a coin, offers immense comfort. It reminds us that love transcends physical presence and continues to guide us.

  8. I find this article very comforting and enlightening. The notion that our loved ones can still reach out to us from beyond is a beautiful and reassuring thought. It’s a great reminder to stay open to the signs around us. Truly heartwarming.

  9. What a whimsical piece! I suppose next you’ll tell me Elvis left a feather on my doorstep. Honestly, these ‘signals’ sound more like the plot of a bad ghost movie than something to take seriously.

  10. This is an interesting read. Studies in parapsychology have often explored such phenomena, though empirical evidence remains inconclusive. Still, the experiences described seem to bring comfort to those who believe in them.

  11. The emphasis on dreams as a medium for messages from loved ones is intriguing. It aligns with the notion that dreams can be a powerful psychological tool for processing grief.

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