Have You Ever Experienced Precognition?

What is Precognition?

Precognition is the ability to perceive or sense the future through clairvoyance. If you have these extrasensory abilities, you can obtain direct knowledge of events or situations in the future before they happen.

The word precognition comes from the Latin meaning ‘prior to’ and ‘to gain knowledge.’ Precognition isn’t the same as the ability to prophecy or having premonitions of the future. These are more feelings of what might happen in the future or sensing an event that could occur.

For clairvoyants and individuals with precognition, knowledge of the future occurs as visions or flashes of information. This can occur in an awake state or a dream state. You might get a mental vision of an accident that is about to happen or get a feeling that you shouldn’t go someplace, only to find out later that the accident did happen or that a negative event happened where you were supposed to be.

Idea’s Behind Precognition

Some people believe in precognition, but others believe that this is just fake or that it is science fiction. But, if you are a psychic and you have this gift, you know that this gift is very real for you.

There have been many psychics that have come along and have proven their own precognitive powers by predicting the future and by showing others things that really happen.

Is Forecasting and Precognition the Same?

Forecasting is something that is done by using weather, economic changes and data and this is very different than precognition. Someone that has precognitive powers are able to know things without looking at data or without having any kind of information.

Precognition and the Universe

Some people will get visions and other people will just have a know inside of them that something is going to happen. Most people that are using precognition also use their intuition to know when things are going to happen.

People that have strong gut feelings are often very gifted in precognition and they can use this gift to help themselves and to help others around them.

Types of Precognitive Powers

Here are some of the precognitive powers that some people have had along the way:

  • Changes in the future: They can detect when things are going to change in the future for loved ones or people close to them.
  • Danger: Some will be able to know when there is immediate danger around.
  • Death feelings: Being able to know when someone is going to die.
  • Fate perception: To know what someone’s fate or destiny is.
  • Flash precognition: Being able to see things in a vision before they happen. This can be like a flash or a picture in the mind.
  • Dreaming: Precognitive dreaming can be dreams of symbols that help to tell the future.

You don’t have to be a practicing clairvoyant in order to sense the future. People can have precognition about their own lives, but it takes listening to these extrasensory messages and going with your intuition to get yourself used to this new sense. Write down your dreams or visions to see if you might have precognition. Who knows what you might find out about the future!


  1. The comparison between forecasting and precognition highlights an important distinction. Forecasting relies on data and trends, whereas precognition appears to be based on an inexplicable knowing. This raises questions about the nature of knowledge and perception.

  2. The distinction between precognition and prophecy is quite intriguing. The idea that one can have direct knowledge of future events without any data seems far-fetched to some, but it’s fascinating to consider the potential explanations behind these phenomena.

  3. This is a load of pseudoscientific nonsense. If precognition was real, there would be undeniable, reproducible evidence for it. Until then, it remains in the realm of fantasy and fiction.

  4. Intriguing differentiation between forecasting based on data and precognition based on extrasensory perception. While I remain skeptical, it’s worth noting that human intuition and gut feelings often yield surprising accuracy in certain situations.

  5. I find the various types of precognitive powers listed to be particularly interesting. It’s notable how some people might experience these abilities through dreams or sudden flashes. Understanding the difference between intuition and precognition could be a key area for further study.

  6. Oh sure, so now my ‘gut feeling’ about ordering dessert is a superpower? How convenient. I’ll start writing my dreams down, maybe I’ll predict tomorrow’s stock market crash. LOL.

  7. It’s fascinating to consider that people who aren’t practicing clairvoyants might still experience precognition. The idea of writing down dreams and visions as a method to explore this potential ability is a practical suggestion that could yield interesting results.

  8. The article suggests that individuals with strong gut feelings might be more attuned to precognition. This could imply a connection between emotional intelligence and extrasensory abilities. It’s an area that potentially warrants more scientific exploration.

  9. Ah, yes, let’s all start predicting the future based on dreams and flashes of intuition. Next thing you know, we’ll be using tarot cards to decide government policies. And I suppose the article will recommend a crystal ball as the next step.

  10. This article is utterly fascinating! The concept of precognition opens up a world of possibilities and questions about our perception of reality. I believe there’s so much more to the human mind than we understand. Kudos to whoever wrote this piece!

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