Attracting Narcissists

Attracting Narcissists

Do you ever wonder why you make bad choices or why you do things that you know you shouldn’t do?  You need to not be so hard on yourself.  The things that we do wrong are a result of part of our journey and these can come from bad relationships or things that caused you to feel like a target.

Most men and women are looking for a person to be their partner that makes them whole.  They are looking for qualities in a partner that help them to be a better person and to someone that they are attracted to.  Most men and women are looking for someone that is financially stable, strong, independent and successful.  These different qualities can make them look attractive.  You should look for red flags before you get overly attracted to them.


Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths are attracted to women that are strong.  The reason behind this is because someone like that is looking for passion and wants to have a spicy relationship.  They are drawn to people that will complete their life.  They want someone that can give them love, can be kind to them, support them and bring them security.  But the truth is that some people are completely opposite of that.


People that have antisocial disorders usually are not empathetic.  They only care about themselves and they find it hard to care for other people.  They have no concern for themselves.

Women who are looking for a partner sometimes are targeted by these people.  They look for a person who is compassionate and loyal and they begin to trust them even though they are really just taking advantage of them.  It is hard for women to not be attracted to these qualities and people with antisocial disorders can turn these qualities on easily.

There is no real way to love someone and you should always be strong when you are looking for a relationship.


You can become a target and this happens when you are very mature and an attentive person.  You might have grown up taking care of other people and so it makes you stronger and more mature.  You want to have fun in your life but you take on too many responsibilities and so having fun is hard.

Let go of some of your responsibilities sometimes so that you can have a good well-being.  You need to take care of you and learn how to take control of things and have responsibilities, but you also need to be able to let go.

Give yourself freedom and learn to balance being responsible and having fun.  Find your balance in people that you have relationships with.


When you have a lot going on in your life, chances are you are ambitious and work hard.  This personality can be exciting to a narcissist because women that have power are attractive.  A narcissist is not afraid of a strong woman because they are often weak and need to be balanced.

When you are being treated badly, know that someone is burdening you and causing you emotional problems.  They are taking your energy and trying to use your strengths for their own good.  There is nothing you can do about this but you need to not worry about finding the right partner because the universe will bring them to you.  Be careful who you choose to connect with.