Using Your Fourth Chakra to Love

Using Your Fourth Chakra to Love

The fourth chakra is part of your chakra and one of the seven different chakras in your body.  There are three in the lower part of the body and three in the upper part of the body.  The fourth chakra is located where the spiritual and physical body come together and is known as the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the center of your body, located in the chest area and includes your heart location, thymus gland, lungs, breasts, cardiac plexus and is part of the lymphatic system.  The word for the heart chakra is Anahata and it means to be not hurt or not struck.  The name means that when someone hurts, that they can put the experiences in the past and get rid of all of the pain.

When you think about your heart chakra, it is a place where all things about love take place.  This is a place where you have compassion, love, caring, intimacy and even forgiveness.

When your heart chakra is open, you have love and compassion like you never dreamed.  You can forgive and accept others for who they are and even if they have done you wrong, you love them.  Most importantly, you learn to love and forgive yourself.

When your heart chakra is unbalanced or closed, it can bring about jealousy, fear, anger, hate and other strong emotions.  Having an unbalanced heart chakra can cause physical illness such as high blood pressure or even a heart attack.

Opening the Heart Chakra

Some people choose to live in a stage of unforgiveness and if they have been hurt by people they love; they will choose not to forgive them or get over it.  Maybe you have been in a situation where you feel that forgiveness is not possible and that you can never get over the way that someone has hurt you.

Some people might not be able to forgive and will go as far as trying to get revenge or hurt the person back.  This happens when your heart chakra is closed and when you are afraid, and you cannot love yourself.

When you get hurt or your feelings are hurt, you can choose to feel the feelings and release them, or you can continue to be angry and hurt and hold on to the feelings.  When you open your heart to new people and show them love and compassion, but you are still hurt, you come into the situation where the negative feelings will not really let you love someone else.  When you let go, it is a choice and it might not be easy but you can do it.

Your mind and your ego can tell you not to let go and to stay angry, but if you listen to your heart then you will move on and let the pain and hurt go away.


When you walk in forgiveness and kindness, you will get a spirit of love, compassion and empathy.  Having empathy and compassion can help others and when you come across someone who is hurting or who is treating you badly, instead of getting angry, you come to the point where you are compassionate and think that maybe they are just having a bad day.

Maybe you consider the possibilities that something bad has happened to them and you create these stories instead of holding on to anger or hurt feelings.  This happens when you are showing empathy and you show care about someone instead of being angry or upset.

If a family member has hurt you multiple times, you can still love them and be compassionate but it is best that you set boundaries and you stay away from them.  It still is about them hurting you and not about yourself and you have to learn to forgive and open up.

Giving Love

The best way to get love is to give love.  You can learn to give hugs and kisses to others, and you can also give love by smiling, by complementing someone, by forgiving and by not criticizing people.

Take time to learn to love each other and to be kind to other feelings.  Love is what you give.

Balancing the Chakra

You can do almost any yoga post that starts in the chest area and this can help you to balance your heart chakra.  You also can meditate and be thankful.  Express your compassion with others and learn to love and be kind.

Use the color green to help you such as wearing a green crystal or wearing green clothing.  Always keep your heart chakra balanced and healthy.