Balancing Your Chakras for a Joyful and Fulfilled Life


You can become more energetic and learn to align your chakras in just a few easy ways.  When people hear about the chakra, they don’t always understand that the chakra is made of seven different points of energy, and it is important that the chakras are balanced for good physical and mental health.


There are seven different chakras and each of these work with specific parts of the body.  When negative things happen, the chakras do not work together right, and they become unbalanced.

It is important that the chakras are balanced so that you can have peace and happiness.  When the energies are unbalanced, it brings about fear, stress, and other problems.

Here are some things that you can do to get your chakras balanced and strong.

Go in Nature

Take time to enjoy nature.  Go sit in the grass or go on a hike.  Connecting with nature is one sure way to balance your chakras and to get your energies in the right way.  This can help you to feel more grounded.  Add flowers in your home so that you can have nature with you.

Visualizing the Good Things in Life

Clear your mind and get rid of all of the stress in your life.  When your mind is clear, imagine being around things that make you happy and full of life.

Take Deep Breaths

Breathing deeply can help to balance your chakras and clear your mind.  Take time to relax and take deep breaths and take the energy in as you inhale and let out all of the negative energies as you exhale.

Chakra Coloring

Your chakras each have a color and each color is representative of a kind of vibration.  For example, red represents your root chakra while orange is representative of the sacral chakra.  Other colors such as pink for the heart chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, purple for the third eye chakra, blue for the throat chakra and white for your crown chakra.

Since all of the chakra’s have their own color, when you want to balance them, burn a pink or green candle or wear blue. You can even eat something the color of the chakra that needs balanced so that you can be strong in your energy.


Being thankful and having a thankful heart is one of the fastest ways to heal a chakra.  When you are thankful, your vibrations raise, and this can open up your chakras and bring about more positive things.

Raising your chakra vibration attracts positive things such as success and love into your life.  This can help you to feel loved and to be strong.


When you want to connect with other people and have strong relationships, you need to make sure that your chakras are balanced.  Work on raising your vibrational frequency so that you can attract positive things.

When your chakra is unbalanced, this can bring problems in your relationships, in your job, in your home and in all the things that you do.

To live your best life, do what you can to make sure that your chakras and your life are balanced and strong.