How to Know if You are a Spiritual Healer with a Gift

Being a Spiritual Healer

When you begin to develop your gifts, you will find out that some gifts are ancestral gifts called shamanism.  These types of gifts can be passed down to people.

Once you understand your gifts can be passed down, you want to look for clues to see what gifts you have and if you are a healer.  There will be clues that will show you what your gifts are, and you don’t have to consult a psychic or medium to know, all you have to do is look at the signs in your own life.


An empath has different kinds of traits that can help you to know if you happen to be an empath. Here are some traits of an empath and what they are all about:

  • Having strong emotions and feel the emotions of others and if you get hurt or feel pain easily.
  • Always making people feel better when they are around you.
  • You or the people around you barely get sick.
  • You have been at some point, diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.
  • You are always thinking about ways to help someone else with their problems.
  • You have a strong desire to help people and make them feel better, even if it uses up all the things that you have.

Healing Field

You could be a spiritual healer if you are already in some type of medical field such as a nurse, therapist, vet, or any other field of medicine.

You come from a family of healers that were part of the medical field now or in the past.

Other Ancestral Gifts

There are so many ancestral gifts that you could have in your life and here are some ways to know if they have been passed down to you:

  • Getting nervous in public.
  • Knowing there is dissention when you walk into a room.
  • People come to you to help them solve their problems.
  • You feel that everyone dumps their problems on you and expects you to fix them.
  • Always drained both physically and emotionally.
  • You have a special relationship with animals and feel like you can communicate with them.
  • Small children and animals are always drawn to you.
  • Strangers come and tell you their life story without you asking.
  • People ask you to rub their back or give them a shoulder rub because you are good at it.
  • Neck and back pain and often have stomach issues and headaches.
  • You feel upset and overwhelmed because you help others too much.
  • People trust your opinions.
  • Your co-workers ask you for advice.
  • You want to jog or go for walks and be in nature so you can breathe and relax better.
  • You love Spiritual healing methods such as shamanism or energy healing.
  • You feel tingly in your hands.
  • You love crystals and find them beautiful.
  • You look for natural ways to heal things.


Take time to look at the list above and see how many of those things that you experience.  If it is a lot, chances are you are a spiritual healer and you need to improve your gift.

What you do with the fact that you are spiritual healer is up to you, you can use the information to get a job in the medical field or just help someone around you. Whatever you choose to do with your gift, know that the universe has given you a special gifting to help change the world.