Caring for Your Chakras

Caring for Your Chakras

There are times in life when it is difficult to concentrate and you somehow feel as if you are being held back. You may get overwhelmed by life with your body feeling heavy. The chakras are being effected when this feeling comes across.

A chakra is a term that is taken from Eastern metaphysical theories based in Ayurvedic Indian medicine. There are seven chakras which are the seven spiritual centers for your body. These wheels of energy communicate with the body during physical, emotional, and mental states. When we get stressed, these chakras get clogged up with unwanted or negative energies. This leaves you feeling foggy, tired, run down, and often overly emotional.

When these feelings occur, it is best to clear out the unwanted energies so the chakras can function at top level again.

There are three basic ways to clear out a chakra, but we must first understand how to know if a chakra is blocked:

What Created the Issue

If you can determine what life patterns caused the issue in the first place, then you can take back control of the state of your chakras. Think about the area of life in which you feel stuck or the points during a normal day when you feel overwhelmed. Make sure to note whether you are alone or with others at this time and where you are, home or work. Take time to meditate so you gain a clear perspective on the issues.

Line Up the Specific Chakras

Once you have meditated over the cause that has triggered you, link it to the corresponding chakras. These are shared below.

Sacral – This chakra is affected by issues around money, sex, power in relationships, and creativity with the color orange associated.

Heart – Associated with either pink or green, this chakra is affected by self-worth, lack of love, self-love, and heartache issues.

Root – This chakra is most clogged by issues of security, family, self-identity, and stability with a red association.

Throat – The throat chakra is negatively affected by issues with a lack of discernment, individuality, blocked expression, and self-expression with blue as an associated color.

Solar – Associated with yellow as a color, this chakra can be affected by issues around power and the world, feelings of helplessness and victimization, or even your perspective on helping the world.

Crown – When the crown chakra is blocked it is usually due to issues with life purpose, your relationship with the divine, and a lack of inspiration, commonly associated with violet.

Third Eye – The third eye is associated with the color of indigo and is negatively affected  by issues around truth, intellect, or even difficulty with intuition.

Clearing Chakras

After you have determined which chakra or chakras are blocked or clouded, you must work to cleanse them. This is often done through mindfulness or meditation that is practiced daily. This is simple and does not take much time, but can make a huge difference in your overall health.