Coronavirus and Doomsday

Coronavirus and Doomsday

Sometimes, psychics will get premonitions and they will be able to make predictions.  Even a psychic, Sylvia Browne, made a prediction about a virus that was going to spread around 2020 and could attack the lungs and the bronchial tubes and would resist treatment.  Then the prediction went on to say that it would disappear as fast as it came and then would come ten years later and then disappear forever.

This prediction left the memory of the public after she died in 2013 but since the coronavirus has come, predictions have become important to many people.

Health officials and the government have made many laws and guidelines to try to stop the spread of the Covid-19 but there is another thing that people want to stop and that is people saying that the end of the world is here because of this virus.

Some pandemics cause panic and cause people to take things off the shelves at the supermarket in mass quantities and they cause fear and people to be upset about their life.

Doomsday Prophets

There are man inaccurate readings that happen with prophets and psychics and this is why people end up buying guns and ammo and expecting the end of the world to come.

Some people who look into religious prophecies say that these times are important and that social media causes people to feel that they are being harmed by what is going on.  Even with self-quarantine, doomsayers are saying that people are not going to make it out alive.

Prophets that are doomsday prophets are saying that they have knowledge in religious figures and that they are convinced that the end of the world is near.

Some talk about how no one knows when the world is going to end but God and that even Jesus does not know when the last days are going to come.

Even religious leaders are not sure what the virus is going to do and those psychics that are saying the end of times is here are being prideful.

Many feel that those that claim for the end of time are causing mass panic and this is a pride centered thing where they feel that they have special insight that no one else has and this is a bad thing.

One man feels that even though he was reading what the Bible said that he was not wanting to spread fear but he was just trying to tell people that God is in control and that God can save people if they turn to Him.  Some wrote that they felt that the world was dying out because it was meant to warn people that things were not going right in the world

Many people feel that the virus can be a sign that God is trying to warn people of, and that people need to listen.

Different Predictions

There are many doomsday predictions and some people have said that the end of times was coming even throughout years of life.  They have predicted things like large tidal waves and that the Earth would crash into another planet.  One man even built another Noah’s Ark type boat for when his happens.

Bad predictions are not something that is new, this has been happening for years even since 1666.  Many psychics feel that when there is another psychic that gives a wrong prediction that it causes there to be issues with psychics and their powers.

Many famous psychics have given wrong predictions and when they look in on these, they see that the predictions can even have a mixture of truth and falseness and many feel that the predictions are part of just a lucky guess when they are right.


Some of the sources of bad predictions goes with books and other language from other cultures that people are not able to understand.  Books that have strong imagery can cause people to see things differently and if they break off some of the text, they can have bad predictions.

This could lead to the idea of having viruses and people can take the meaning of symbols wrong.

People that read things in books sometimes think that there is no true answer to what they are trying to figure out and people always have different ideas of what is happening when they read these things.

When someone writes a book, they have to be able to decipher between the characters and between what is said so that they can get the idea of what is going to happen.

Posting things about nature should not bring fear and there are some things that are reaffirmed by others.


End time talk can cause people to have terrifying feelings and it can cause them to be afraid of living and of dying.  With the Covid-19, it shows that people are concerned about their health and about the end of times.  They will sometimes cause people to stop doing things that they should do to protect themselves and to survive.  This can cause there to be problems with humanity and it can lead people to not act.

Some people will feel that since the end of times is a plan that there is nothing that they can do to change it, and this can cause people to make poor choices when they go out.  Some scholars wonder if end time prophecies would cause people to act differently and since there is social media, it can spread the predictions at a high rate and cause people to act differently.


If you want to share something, instead of sharing the end of time, take time to share a kind word or to help others around you to get through the hard things that are happening in the world.