Did Madonna and Nostradamus Predict Virus?

Nostradamus and Madonna Predictions

People believe that Madonna, the pop-star, has predicted the coronavirus.  As of right now, more than 237 million people around the world have been infected with this virus and this virus appeared in China and has gone around the globe.

Some believe that this virus was predicted by Nostradamus, and some believe that the famous psychic, Sylvia Browne, predicted the virus in her book that she wrote in 2008. Now, people believe that it was not just those two that predicted it, but it was predicted in Los Angeles by Madonna through her song, “Future,” what was performed in 2019.

This performance that Madonna did showed her wearing an eye patch and the dancers in the background wore masks that were gas masks.  Since the way that they were dressed and the words of the song, many people believe that Madonna had already predicted that this virus was on its way.

One person even said that her singing was not talking about the past but that it was something that was going to come into the future.  When Madonna was wearing a crown, the dancers around her had fires and burnt buildings on the screen behind her while they were wearing gas masks.

Many people believe that her song was showing fires that would happen before the virus in places like Australia.

One person talked about how evil it was about people dancing and clapping and talking about the future of a virus that would be deadly to so many.  Some believe that she knew that this was coming and that she predicted it.

The claims that Madonna is psychic and her trying to explain the virus outbreak has not been reported and many people think that this is fake since the outbreak happened in China. Scientists believe that they are dealing with a large family of viruses and that it is a new strain that has come from China.

Even though this chain of the virus has never been seen, the coronavirus has caused problems in the past with respiratory and other situations.  Even in 2003, more than 8,000 people were infected with SARS-CV which is a strain of this coronavirus.

A new strain came out in 2012 and affected the Middle East.  In all of the cases, the virus attacked the respiratory and caused there to be pneumonia and flu-like symptoms.  Scientists know of seven different corona viruses that have infected humans around the world.

One interesting thing about the coronavirus is that it is zoonotic which means that animals and humans can both carry the virus. Even though we don’t know if Madonna predicted this virus or not, one thing we do know is that it has affected many people around the world.