Hawk Sightings Explained

Hawk Sightings Explained

Hawk sightings are amazing, but they also have larger meaning. When a hawk is sighted, it is a sign from the spirit realm. This sign is to show you that you are ready to take on a larger vision of your world that will lead to powerful expansion. The hawk is a sign to begin looking forward and envisioning your path. You may even want to prepare for a greater role in life. This could be anything from leading a group, becoming a parent, or just using your talents for a larger audience. Seeing a hawk is a message from the angel or the spirit guides to say it is time to spread your wings and fly high.

In the physical world, the hawk ha highly impressive eyesight and in the spiritual sense this translate into clairvoyance which means “to see”. When a hawk is spotted in your life, it is a sign that you need to trust your instincts and intuition. They wish to lead you to the next step on your path. A hawk will not lea you on a path that is not meant for you.  They arrive to show you when it is time to expand and make that which already exists, greater. Start trusting in your higher self to fin greater freedom of body, mind, and soul.

Astrology and the Ancients

The ancient Greeks tended to associate the hawk with Jupiter which is the planet of expansion that enhances each part of life it touches. When a hawk is seen, find out where Jupiter is in your life. In the tenth house it is time to expand your career, but in the second house a growth in possessions or money could be on the horizon.

In Native American astrology the sign of the red tailed hawk falls between March 21st  through April 19th. Those born under this specific sign are considered visionaries that are goal-driven and problem solvers. For numerous Native Americans, the hawk is considered the Guardian of the Earth.

The Egyptian Sky go, Horus, held hawks as highly sacred and the Egyptians felt that when someone passed away, their soul reincarnate as a hawk.

For the ancient Celts that hunted, a hawk sighting was a sign that the group should be highly aware of their surroundings. The hawk represented life and death for them and pointed to whether a hunt would be successful or not. At this time that was a matter of life and death.

Spirit Animal

If you are very decisive, the hawk may be your spirit animal. You are also likely to be highly aware of changes needed in your life to move forward. The hawk is focused, never holds doubt, and remains clear minded. If you have the mind of a hawk you are aware of psychic vampires that try to rob you of energy. You will recognize these individuals and set boundaries with them. The hawk has a swift, protective energy.

Steadfast and Caring

Hawks are group hunters and they mate for life. The hawk will surround himself with those that can be trusted in love, life and the hunt. When a hawk is sighted in life, take a look at those who you consider family to make sure you have chosen well. Hopefully, they care as much for you as you do for them.

Big Picture

Calling on the hawk’s clarity when you feel stuck can be helpful. The hawk is helpful when it feels like something is missing in life. The answers we seek are most often right in front of us, but life can get in the way. This can cause us to miss the obvious next steps. The hawk can help us to see the bigger picture and reveal a clear path.

Seen in Dreams

A hawk has direct energy so it is easy to receive messages through the dream realm. Even when a hawk is sighted in a dream, focus on what the hawk is focused on so when you awake you know where your focus should lie. This is what will help you expand your vision and spread your wings.