Divination Tools That Psychics Use to Tell the Future

Divination Methods

Divination is a kind of magic and there are some people that are not magic at all that will use tools of divination such as flipping a coin to make a decision, or they will read their fortune from a cookie at the Chinese restaurant. They are curious to what they see and there are some people that have looked into the mysteries of divination, and they have inner skills that help them through their path.

Some people that begin with these tools will want to know where to start. They will wonder if they should start with tarot cards or tea bags. They will have options that are available to them but in this article, we will discuss five of the options that are very common.

There is no method that is better than another and it is up to you and your intuition as to what you should do. Someone that uses tarot cards is likely talented at their gifting and you need to learn which gift is best for you.


Using a pendulum is using something that is on a string that is weighted. You hold it with one hand and the one who is using it is called the dowser. They will look at the way the pendulum moves and ask questions and they will get answers by the way the pendulum sways.

One of the good things about using this tool is that it does not take a lot of time to memorize things. There is nothing to memorize and you don’t need to follow a chart. You just need to believe and concentrate.

Dowsing is something that might be right for you if you like to ask yes, or no questions and you want to have grounding energy that is easy to use.


A Rune is an alphabet from the Norse, and it has symbols that are magical. There are 24 letters in this alphabet, and it is a very common form of divination. They can use stones, wood, bones or tiles and it is a tool that is often used by men.

The Rune will have at least three different meanings such as an abstract or figurative meaning, a phonetic sound, and a literal meaning. There will be an interpretation for each of the things that are pulled.

This is kind of a hard thing to do but most people that use this divination tool have their own personality and they understand how to read their own readings. The best way to do this is to just draw one Rune, and then accept the answer.

Runes are a special treasure from Odin, and he is known to have hung on a tree that was a World tree for nine days and nights so he could find the secret alphabet.

When you feel connected to the Norse pantheon it is a good thing to use Runes


Scrying is when you use practices of looking at water or crystals. This is one of the oldest forms of divination and is very common. The term comes from the meaning “to make out dimly.”

When a scryer does a reading, they will meditate and relax and will use a crystal ball or water to do their reading. Some will hear sounds while others will feel sensations. The Scryer will often have visions that can answer hard questions.

You can be successful in this if you have the natural ability of a scryer. Some beginners will become frustrated easily because they will gaze for a long time with no answers. You need to do a lot of practicing to be good with this gift.

Most scryers are artistic or designers.

Tarot Cards

Tarot reading is one of the most known divination tools that there are. It works with both knowledge and intuition and is a tool that allows the reader to tell the future or to know what the past has held.

This is not a tool for everyone because it is hard and can take a lot of time to learn. You have to invest as much time as you want to get good at this. You can respond to the cards and learn to understand the meaning of many different spreads.

If you are drawn to art or history, you might make a good tarot reader.


Some readers choose to use no tools and they do readings based on their intuition and their gut feelings. They listen to the signals around them, and they listen to their inner voice.

The problem is sometimes you don’t get any signs at all, and you can have a hard time doing readings for people that are skeptical. You cannot let your personal opinions or the idea of giving people the answers that they want to hear get in the way.

If you are very sensitive and you are good at putting your feelings into action or words, this can make you a good psychic reader. You might even have the gift of a natural healer.