Questions to Ask When Getting a Tarot Reading

Questions to Ask When Getting a Tarot Reading

When you go to get a tarot reading, you need to know that there are many different kinds of tarot cards and the readers might differ in how they start but most of them will start a reading saying something like, “What are you interested in knowing today?”


There are different answers that you can get when you ask questions. Maybe you want to know about your relationship and why your partner seems unhappy, or you might want to understand why you feel inside that they are lying to you. You may even wonder if they are cheating on you.

Other questions might have to do with your job and if you are in the right career field. Maybe you wonder if you chose the right path in school or if you should change your career path. Other questions might include why you are not able to focus or be motivated and what you can change to do better.


There is no right or wrong way that you can ask your reader a question. If you want to have a good reading, you need to be with someone that can connect with the cards.

Each psychic will be different and the way that they interpret their tarot deck might be different as well. When they connect through their divine spiritual guide, they should be able to give you the answers you are seeking.

Some psychics will shuffle the cards and ask specific questions to the guides so they can get you the answers you are seeking.

Why Do a Cold Reading?

A tarot reader can give you a reading without knowing anything about you. This is called a cold reading. Sometimes people will want a cold reading and they will say something such as, “Tell me what the cards are showing you about me.”

There are benefits to a cold reading and one of the big benefits is that it can make the client feel more confident that the reading is true. When something that they are experiencing in their life comes up, they believe in the reading more and have more of an open mind.

Sometimes in a cold reading the psychic can talk about losing a loved one, having heartbreak, quitting a job, financial concerns or more. There are some cards that can relate to love life, career, life in general or other things and the reading can concentrate on what you think is most important.

Why Choose Not to do a Cold Reading?

Even though there are some benefits, there are also some cons of a cold reading. When you ask a psychic to give you a cold reading, chances are there will be answers that they give you that you are not really looking for.

After they go through many of the concepts of your life, they might come up with something that you want to hear or know about. The experience for you might be different for someone else but the reading might not go the way that you hope that it would.

There is a big difference in a cold reading because the reading can take you all over your life instead of giving you insight on what you are looking for.

Guided Reading

There is no wrong or right way to ask your psychic questions during a reading. If you want to get the most out of a reading, make sure you find a reader that is strong and experienced. You can ask specific questions about your job or your relationship and then let the psychic give you information they have.

There are sometimes that you might have questions, but you might not really know how to ask them. You can give your reader some information such as you want to know about your love life or your career.

The reading will be similar and can give you advice about someone you are dating or someone you are interested in. It can also help you to know if you are on the right path in your job and on your way to success.

Getting a cold reading can give you a spread about your romantic relationship or about a connection with another person and then it can change to why you are frustrated or unmotivated and then end with career issues. There will be different opportunities for your spread and some cards will be the same with different interpretations.

Thoughts and Intentions

When you are going to a psychic, you need to focus on the general questions you have and then ask your reader to be more specific. Focus on what you want to know and let your psychic respond. If you are not strong about something, the cards can reflect that.

Ask questions that will lead to other questions and ask things that are not concrete. Raise your thoughts and give your psychic the chances to consider different possibilities in your life.


One great reading is one where you are looking for direction in your life. You might know that you have talents, but you want to know where to go from there. This might seem like a general topic, but this is a great topic for most psychics.

A psychic can show you what your purpose and vision are in life.

Happy Reading

When you are focusing on your reading in your mind, chances are you will be much more satisfied with your reading.

Learn to speak to your psychic with an open mind and if you want to go deeper with what they are telling you then do it. You can also shift from topic to topic. You are in control of your reading, and you can take it wherever you want it to go.


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