Embrace Adventure

Embrace Adventure

From the company that you hang out with, are you the first among them to show any interest in skydiving or are you the first to fool around with quad bikes in the woods when there are smoother paths? Do you find yourself venturing somewhere unfamiliar from time to time or do you feel that you will have more fun when you are out of your comfort zone? If any of the above seems appealing to you then you have located your sense of adventure. If they do not sound right then you should find a way to exploit your spirit of adventure.

Everyone has that one person who has fully exploited their spirit of adventure. We can all find ways to embrace our adventurous spirit even if we are jealous of these people or even if we admire them from afar. This sense of exploration will enable us to get out of our comfort zone and also it will allow us to stay true to ourselves.

Even if you are not enthusiastic about activities that will help you embrace your spirit of adventure such as bungee jumping, there are other ways that you can achieve this.

Be innovative

Allow yourself to build something using your hands by tapping into your inner artistry. For instance, when you sign up for a ceramics class, it can help you find a fresh and adventurous path when you learn a new form of art. When you feel like challenging yourself, you can audition for local plays or you can be involved during karaoke nights with your friends because you do not have anything to lose.

Exploring your inner artistry can help you find new opportunities and it can also help you to know yourself better. However, to achieve this you must be vulnerable and courageous.

Go outdoors

Taking steps towards embracing your adventurous spirit can be assisted by being outdoors from time to time. You can use your immediate outdoor surroundings to your advantage. For instance, going for a run in the morning or even weeding your garden can help you to enjoy the world that surrounds you.

You can never tap into your adventurous spirit when you spend most of your time in the house.

Get moving

There is evidence that when we exercise occasionally we tend to live in a healthier way. All we have to do is be flexible in our exercise schedules. For instance, we can sign up for the local marathons or we can be involved with our friends to share ideas about exercising. As a result, we will be healthier than we expected.

In summary, never let your fear of things drag you down. If we take baby steps out of our comfort zone from time to time, we can reach places we never imagined before.