Becoming a Telepathy Master

Mastering Telepathy

The term telepathy originates from the terms “tele” defined as distance and “pathy” meaning a feeling. So literally, the word means getting a feeling from a distance or communication between minds without the five senses and over a variable distance. We have all experienced telepathy at some point in our lives, usually between closely related people.

This post will explain the necessary steps used to practice telepathy voluntarily:

  • Send and Receive – You will need two individuals so one can serve as sender while the other attempts to receive the message. Prior to practicing, make sure both people know their roles. For the rest of the steps, assume you are the sender.
  • Belief – Both parties must truly believe telepathy is possible, open-mindedness is a must. Skeptics will get poor results, if any.
  • Physically Relaxation – Both people should be totally, physically relaxed and if possible, in good physical health. This aids in concentration. Use the relaxation form of your choice to make sure you are relaxed.
  • Mentally Relaxed – Begin by clearing your mind and making it a tranquil space. Focus on your purpose, by letting thoughts go as they enter your mind. Then focus on the message you want to send as the receiver focuses on receiving the message. Make sure there are no distractions because a chaotic environment can ruin progress.
  • Visualization – The first steps set you up for success and must be completed, but now you are ready to send your message. Shut your eyes and create a clear picture of the receiver as if they are just a few feet from you.

If needed, look at a color picture of the receiver ahead of time to help with the visualization. Then imagine a tube connecting your minds so your thoughts can be channeled. The tube should be full of energy and feel as though it is highly effective for the job at hand. If the tube does not work for your visualization, try another object that is more familiar, like a phone.

  • Transmission – Imagine your thoughts being transported from mind to mind. If you are thinking about an orange, then visualize one in great detail, charge it with emotion, and believe that telepathy is real. Desire the message be sent to the receiver and think of how great it will be when you are successful. Remain relaxed and composed as you send the message.
  • Stopping – When sending, there will be a moment that you feel the thought was sent. When this is felt, stop transmitting. It could take a few seconds or several minutes, but never more than 15 minutes. If it does not work within 15 minutes then try at a later time, allowing the mind to rest.
  • Receiver – The receiver must keep a blank mind and receive only thoughts sent by you, but without trying too hard. Make sure the receiver is relaxed and at ease, but able to record the images that come to mind. This person should note what pops into their mind as you transmit.
  • Comparison – Once you have tried the experiment, compare what was sent and received. The more practice you do, the better the results.
  • Repeat It – Try repeating the experiment over time. If it worked the first time, try immediately because the confidence will help. If it was not successful, wait a day or two without discouragement. Continue with regular practice to get better. Make sure you alternate being both the sender and receiver.
  • Be Patient

Keeping the experiments short will keep boredom and frustration away. Telepathy is best when we are energized. If you are not finding much success, be patient and keep practicing. The skill takes time to develop. Stay away from skeptics during this time as they can sidetrack your abilities. Trust your results and only share with those who are fellow believers.

Exploring telepathic abilities can be incredible as a journey, but it can also be exciting and fun as you build a foundation. Never over expect in the beginning but know the skill can grow with practice. Soon you will be both sending and receiving with accuracy, becoming a master at telepathy.