Reading Minds

Reading Minds

If you knew something was going to happen before it happened, then chances are, you have the ability to read minds.  This can be intuition that you have developed, and this gift is more common than you think.

Some psychics don’t have the skills that they need in order to do more things and some of them are just psychic because they have learned to be more observant.  When they practice and listen, they can get better at their gifts and they can even learn to read minds.

When you want to predict the mind of someone, know that this is easier than we think.  We learn to see small things and to observe what people do with their bodies and then we can figure out what they are thinking by these cues.

If you can read minds, you would have an easier life because you can tell what people are thinking all around you.

Reading Someone’s Mind

If you pay attention to how someone is standing, you will know that if they have their hands on their hips, chances are they are upset about something.  If you want to know what they are thinking, you will be able to read these visual cues.

If a person has their chin resting on their hands and they have extended lips and their eyebrows are raised, they would possibly be thinking that they are bored and wish they were somewhere else.

Facial Cues

You can look at someone in their eyes and see what they are thinking sometimes.  You can tell by what facial muscles are doing as to what emotions someone is having.  If someone is frowning, they are sad or angry.

If someone is raising their eyebrows, chances are they are pleading with you about something.  Studies show that when people are hiding what they are feeling that they blink more.  They might hide their expressions but you can still read if they are smiling when they are sad.

Body Language

You can read into the body language of people and know what they are thinking even when things are not spoken. You can learn to be listening and hearing what their body is trying to tell you.

People that ignore certain details or do not tell you more might be lying to you.  Ask them deeper questions and see if they are hiding things.


You need to learn to listen to your inner voice and know what your gut is telling you.  It gives you information from what it has gathered about other people and what they are doing.

Intuition is important for trusting others and when you are using your intuition, you can tell if you can believe in someone or you can learn to protect yourself from those that are lying or using you.

Reality and Expectations

You can learn between your reality and what you are expecting.  When you are desiring something, chances are that you are going to have clouded judgement of someone.

Learn to keep your thoughts calm and to be helpful with your emotions.  Don’t let your thoughts interfere with what your intuition is telling you.  Use meditation to calm yourself and deep breathe so that you can quiet your mind.  Listen to what you are needing to know.


Some believe that to read the mind of others you have to use cues that are around you.  Oxytocin is part of your mind that is a chemical that is released when you feel good and do things that make you happy.

Oxytocin lets you know the mental state of others using the social cues.  When you hug someone, it increases your psychic abilities and boosts your intuition that you need to read someone.


Reading minds is something that the future holds.  You can learn to change your thoughts so that you can study how a person acts and what they are thinking.  Science shows that you will get to a point where you can use mental representations to read what someone is thinking.  If you want to work on this, learn to calm your own senses and work on reading other people.