How to Attract Money with Manifestation

Attract Money with Manifestation

Do you want to manifest money to your life? You can use the Law of Attraction to increase your energy, be positive and to attract things to your life. The Law of Attraction isn’t just about money, but you can use it for any aspect that you need something. The Law of Attraction can work for relationships, jobs, and money.

If you need money, you need to make sure that you have a positive mindset on money in order to attract it. Have financial security in your life by using manifestation to make it happen. Using the Law of Attraction isn’t that hard, and you can get the financial security that you need.

Positive Affirmations

Do you want to attract money in your life? The easiest way to do this is to meditate and to use positive affirmations. There are no special tools that you need to manifest things in your life. You can raise your vibrations by being positive and this can help you to manifest.

Positive affirmations are ways that you talk to yourself, and you show love and respect. You are aware of what you want, and you keep your emotions and your life in line.

Here are some ways that positive affirmations can help:

  • Wake up and say, “I am going to reach my goals today.”
  • When buying something, hold the product that you bought and say, “I worked hard and spent my money on things I needed.”
  • If you spend too much, don’t be upset with yourself. Allow it to be a lesson and to help you to grow and learn.


Meditating is one of the biggest ways that you can manifest things to your life. There are different kinds of meditation that you can use and there is no wrong way. Think of things that you want in your life and think of how you would spend your days.

Visualize things that you want and need and keep it positive. Don’t pay attention to the thoughts that come in that are negative and replace them with successful thinking. As you move forward, work hard, and let opportunities come to you.

Using Crystals

You can use crystals while you meditate to manifest money to your life easier. There are many crystals that people know will help them to manifest things and help you to attract money into your life. Here are some of the most abundant stones:

  • Fool’s Gold (Pyrite).
  • Citrine.
  • Green Jade.
  • Tiger’s Eye.
  • Malachite.

When you know the best stones to help you attract money in your life then you can use them for your benefit. Keep these stones close to you when you want to attract money to your life.

You can use these stones any way that you want to, some wear them as jewelry and some will keep them in their purse or their desks. Some will even sleep with them under their pillow.


You can use I-Ching coins to help you to get on the right path. Let these coins help you with your financial attraction. Use them to attract money to your life and let the I-Ching coins and the Law of Attraction guide you to success.

I-Ching and Feng Shui

I-Ching can be used with Feng Shui to get what you need. This bring abundance and prosperity to your life. You can use 3, 6 or 9 coins together and tie them with a red string. Here are the places to put these coins after you get them together:

  • In your purse.
  • In your wallet.
  • In your files in the file cabinet.
  • With investment records.
  • On your door.
  • Close to your office.
  • By the computer.


Once you understand the different ways that you can make money in your life, use them all together. Bring in your life different rituals that can help you to use the Law of Attraction to bring money and prosperity in your life.