Moving on Your Career Journey

Career Journey

Being on the right career path means that you are able to develop your professional side. Career paths don’t always just follow a certain path and sometimes they change. You can change your career anytime that you want to, and you might even come to a point where you aren’t able to do anything for a while.

Career Journey

Your career journey isn’t always going to be easy. You might choose a path in a career that you start out loving but then later find that it isn’t something for you. You might decide that you want to change the job that you are doing.

Even if you stay in a job, sometimes it takes longer than you expected to reach your goals and to grow the amount that you want to grow. This can cause you to miss out on your goals and to not reach the career path that you started on. But the truth is, that is okay.

Map Your Career Journey

You can create a career journey map that can help you to be successful.

Find a Place to Start

Start your journey by finding a place to start. Find something that you are good at and note the weaknesses that you have. Ask yourself these things:

  • How happy are you with your job?
  • What kind of changes would you make if you could?
  • How do people look at your skills?
  • What strengths do you have?

Choose a Direction

Once you know what you are good at and once you are looking at a place to start, go towards your career goals. This can take years to reach. After you know what positions, you would love to have and what kind of dream job you would want, you will see that you can have the skills to get where you want to be in your career. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to develop your job performance?
  • What skills do you need to learn?
  • What career level are you at and do you want to go up the ladder or change jobs?
  • What roles do you have your mind set on?
  • What skills do you have for that role?
  • Can you be successful in the new job?


After you have started figuring out your goals, you need to research the different jobs that you want to do. Look at your strengths and see what you would be good at. Find out your dream job and what it pays and what skills you need to have. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I need to know to get this job?
  • What specific experience or skills do I need to reach my career journey?

Get Skills

Now you have to learn to get more skills to help you to get the job that you want. Take classes, read books, and expand your mindset. You can do this so that you can reach the goals that you have.

If you want to go faster at your goals, you can learn valuable skills along the way. Find people that can support you in your journey.

Set Goals

Set goals but don’t start too big. Set small goals and reach them one at a time so that you can stay motivated and keep going on track. You are the one that is accountable for what you do and the success on your journey.

Get Networking and Support

Don’t stop getting the support and networking that you need. You will see that there will be things along the way that you need to do so that you can reach your career goals. Set good impressions with people and make sure that you show that you can do anything.