I AM: Discover This Simple Way to Change Your Life

I AM: Discover This Simple Way to Change Your Life

Words have power. Every day we use our words to get things done, to get what we need, to tell others who we are. We work to use our words correctly and to not do harm to others with the power of our words.

Our words have the power to influence other people, but they also have the ability to change how we think about and see ourselves. How we talk to ourselves in our mind can have a big impact on our thoughts, behavior, and beliefs about ourselves.

If you feel stuck or stagnant, you might feel like you’re unable to make the changes you need to make in order to be happy and healthy. You might not know what you need to do in order to be better. One simple way to start promoting healthy changes in your life is by using your words for good.

The words “I am” have the ability to change your life. “I am” starts a sentence off that can be highly positive or negative. When you use “I am” in a positive way, you can start and end your day with affirmations and acknowledgements of your strengths and successes.

An “I am” statement can energize you and awaken your spiritual self, activating power in your life. By starting your morning off with a positive “I am” statement, you can boost your day and start to really see the beautiful characteristics you have to offer yourself and the world.

We often need “I am” statements during our daily life as well. When other people’s energy is encroaching on us, we can use “I am” to affirm our strong presence and will.

When people are difficult or challenging, we can use “I am” to reassure ourselves that we are calm, creative problem solvers.

When people cause us to be hesitant or afraid, we can use “I am” to ground ourselves in safety and discretion.

As you begin practicing your own “I am” statements, you can see how they can transform any situation during your day into a learning opportunity. You can use the power of “I am” to deescalate any situation, to strengthen your position, and to give you confidence and poise in the midst of challenges and adversity.

When you wake up and when you go to sleep, your subconscious mind will mull over your “I am” statements and make them part of your being. Engage your emotional self while making these statements and you will feel like you’ve already accomplished your goals.

Although it seems like a small change to make, adding in “I am” statements to your day can make a big difference. You can add in light and positivity to your morning and evening and watch how this small action impacts your entire day.


  1. The importance of self-affirmation cannot be overstated. This article underscores how the simple practice of positive ‘I am’ statements can have far-reaching effects on one’s mental and emotional well-being.

  2. The idea that ‘I am’ statements can transform daily challenges into learning opportunities is particularly compelling. It provides a straightforward method for fostering resilience and positive thinking.

  3. Isn’t it fascinating how we can solve all our problems with just two words: ‘I am’? Who knew self-improvement was this simple? Next thing you know, we’ll be curing ailments with ‘I am healthy.’

  4. Oh, come on! If ‘I am’ was this powerful, we’d all be living our best lives by now. Maybe I should start saying ‘I am rich’ and watch the millions roll in!

    • While it’s fun to be sarcastic, the point is about cultivating a positive mindset. It might not bring you millions, but it can certainly help improve your outlook and resilience.

  5. It’s fascinating how language, specifically our internal dialogue, can act as a catalyst for personal transformation. The concept of ‘I am’ statements as tools for self-empowerment is both practical and impactful.

  6. Absolutely enlightening! The power of ‘I am’ statements has truly transformed my approach to each day. The ability to reshape one’s mindset through positive affirmations is both empowering and inspiring. Highly recommend everyone give this a try!

  7. The psychological impact of self-talk is well-documented, and this article provides a clear, actionable strategy for leveraging that impact through ‘I am’ statements. It’s a small change with potentially significant benefits.

  8. This is overly simplistic and a bit naive. Life’s challenges cannot be remedied merely by positive self-talk. It takes more than feel-good statements to address deep-rooted issues and real-world problems.

  9. Interesting read. The concept of ‘I am’ statements aligns well with cognitive-behavioral therapy principles, where changing self-talk can significantly impact mental health. It’s a useful tool, though certainly not a panacea.

  10. This article highlights an interesting perspective on how ‘I am’ statements can influence not only our self-perception but also our interactions with others. It’s a reminder of the power inherent in our choice of words.

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