Embrace the Positive, Banish the Negative

Embrace the Positive, Banish the Negative
Negative thinking can really bring us down. Negativity can cause us emotional and physical distress and make us behave in ways that aren’t usual for us. Over time, an abundance of negative emotions can change our personalities into people we don’t want to be.

Negativity can be a poisonous addition to our already chaotic lives. By giving negativity space, we acknowledge that negative things exist and have a place in life. We need to give an equal or greater amount of space to the positive things in our life that create balance with the negative realities of our existence.

If you are feeling down and out, overwhelmed by the negative voices in your head, here are a few ways you can overcome these feelings to embrace a more positive future.

  1. Visualize the negative emotions you are feeling. Negative emotions weigh on our chest and our heart. We can almost feel the physical presence of these emotions running through us. To counteract the effects of this negativity, visualise your negative feeling and then imagine that you are wearing a vest. This vest protects your heart from these negative feelings and allows you to sit, observe, and manage the negative emotions you do have. This vest can be used as a mindfulness tool to meditate on your feelings and come up with ways of constructively managing this negativity as well.
  2. images (13)Create a negativity box. Although we shouldn’t box up our emotions, creating an emotional space to deal with negative emotions can be very helpful for managing negative traumas. If you want to, you can also create a physical box to manage the negative emotions from past relationships. Write down the name of a person who has hurt you on the outside of a box. Visualize pulling all the hurt that they caused you from your body and put it in the box. Close the box, but it somewhere you don’t use very often, and shut the door. Do you feel lighter? Over time you might find that you don’t need the physical box anymore- you’ve gotten rid of the negative emotions you associated with that person and that period of time in your life.

There are many ways to deal with negative emotions in your life. You can meditate on your feelings and examine why you feel the way you do. It is better to sit with your feelings and accept them, rather than to push them aside and hope they go away on their own. We will experience positive and negative emotions all throughout our lives, and it’s best to learn how to deal with both in a constructive, mature way rather than let these negative emotions get the best of you.