Five Things Guys Don’t Notice During Sex

Five Things Guys Don’t Notice During Sex

Ladies, we all know the struggle- you find yourself out with a guy and things are going further than you anticipated. You forgot or didn’t have time to conduct your usual pre-date routines, like shaving or putting on the perfume that you like so much. You might have parts of your body that you are insecure about or you aren’t wearing the lingerie you think he likes.

Well, if it makes you feel any better… he probably doesn’t notice or care about any of that!

When a man is with a woman, he is concerned with making her laugh and getting her clothes off. Your imperfections take a backseat to the things he loves about you and the way you make him feel. He won’t notice the things you’ve struggled to cover up- he’ll only notice if it seems like you’re having a good time.

Here are five things guys won’t notice in bed:

  1. Your flaws. If you hate your thighs or haven’t brushed your teeth, don’t worry! He’s just excited that you want to be in bed with him. In the heat of the moment, all those imperfections, real or perceived, are swept aside. You both want to enjoy one another completely, which means putting aside your thoughts and feelings about your flaws.
  2. What you’re wearing. You might have thrown on something without even thinking about it and ended up meeting someone you couldn’t keep your hands off. You aren’t wearing the things that make you feel sexy or fashionable, but don’t worry! Again, this guy is going to be happy that you’re into him, regardless of what you’re wearing.
  3. In the moment, though, a guy is more into the sounds you’re making and how you feel than he is concerned with the weird looks you might be giving him. This is the sexiest moment, so don’t worry if you think your face looks weird! Make the noises and faces that fit the moment- silence doesn’t encourage anyone in bed.
  4. Body hair happens, ladies. Any guy who is bothered by hair isn’t worth having in your bed. Don’t worry if you haven’t shaved in a bit or if you aren’t looking the way you usually do- guys won’t notice. A little maintenance is always good, but do what makes you feel healthy and beautiful and sexy. Don’t let hair get in the way of your good time!
  5. When it comes to sex, the sweatier the better! Sweat plays a big part in attracting a partner through pheromones. These chemicals are important for attracting and keeping a partner. Some artificial scents are good, but our natural scents are highly erotic for men and women alike.

In the end, the things you notice about yourself probably aren’t high on the list of things a guy will notice about you, especially if you’re in bed. A guy appreciates if you’re confident in bed and into him. If they do make a comment about your imperfections, they aren’t worth keeping around.

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