Signs That Your Pet is Visiting You from the Dead

Indications that your pet is visiting you from the dead
  • You hear as if they are walking upstairs.
  • You hear their claws on the hardwood floor in the kitchen.
  • Their dog collar from down the hall can be heard.

The signs above are the big dog signs that are well known for animals that are visiting their humans from the other side.

Pets also want to be in heaven just like humans. Most pets are always with their humans or with their other pet friends some that are still alive, and they wish to visit them.

  • You feel like they are near your bed.

This is mostly dominated by the cat, but dogs who have died can do it too most likely if they were pets that loved to snuggle.

They are even able to make a physical impression on the sheet of the bed, so make sure you pay attention to that. Why? Because this is a very common visitation which is known specifically for turning the worst skeptic to a believer.

Dogs and cats will do this during your moments of grief and taper these kinds of visitations as you continue to help you to heal.

  • You can see them in the corner of your eye.

This sign could be a remnant of an old great grandmother clairvoyant of some sort and also an indication from them and an actual pet apparition that transpires. Pet visitations can manifest more of a hologram-like appearance just like a ghostly apparition.

  • You can hear their songs on the radio

This happens to almost all pets. That song that used to play in your car when you come from the vet after putting them to sleep or the song you heard immediately they passed away. Many of us usually choose songs for our pets and if that’s you and you hear a pet song, then its already a sign.

  • You feel low about their death then feel happy after some time

Their smiling faces. Those happy moments you shared. Pets can send us memories that make us feel better.

  • You wake up feeling like they are around you

This involves sensing their presence as a wake-up call when you are still asleep. This is quite common with pets that have passed away and even with some humans. This is because it is during those times of sleep and dreaming that you become more receptive and open.