The Role of Heartbreak in Finding True Love

The Role of Heartbreak in Finding True Love

Why do romantic relationships have to end so catastrophically that our hearts are broken?

Breakups are a necessary and painful component of most romantic relationships. When we truly love, we’re willing to risk everything for our partner, oftentimes finding out that they were not who you were meant to be with. You thought the love would never end.

But it did.

When it comes to romantic love, heartbreak can’t be avoided. We all get our hearts broken. The trouble is that when we go through heartbreak, such as choosing the wrong lover or making some other type of mistake, we tend to think it was our fault, so we wallow in self-pity and despair.

But there’s a purpose for the heartbreak. Every error you make in love, no matter how big and complex it is, or how small and simple it is, is something you were required to experience in order to achieve total personal evolution.

A significant part of the reason is that we must journey through sheer despair and sadness before we can fully comprehend what spiritual peace, inner fulfillment, and true happiness are.

It’s necessary for us to sink to low points in order to eventually soar to the pinnacle of success. We need to taste the sourness and bitterness of lost love before we can understand what true, pure, deep, and unconditional love is.

We must break into billions of splintered pieces before we can become whole. Our hearts need to shatter into tiny shards so we can learn the way we love and how we want to be loved in return.

We don’t grow stronger and more resilient, or gain worthwhile knowledge and wisdom, through an easy life free of worries and full of enjoyment and happiness. Those things most worth having are acquired and achieved through trials and pain, such as relational problems and breakups. Only after we navigate our regrets, worries, and pain are we able to achieve genuine self-transformation.

That’s why heartbreak and failed relationships are not a waste of time or a mistake. Instead, it was something you were destined to go through, so you could learn more about yourself—who you truly are, the style in which you love, and the type of partner who is most suited to you. Every episode helps you reach deeper into your spirit and connect more intimately with your emotions.

So, don’t lament your past relationships, or wish that they ended differently than they did. This is especially true of those painful endings.

No matter how earnestly we wish that some past love would have endured, or that it had an alternate ending, we are not capable of changing the truth. The reason that some relationships existed in our lives was to break our hearts. We had to endure the pain of a broken heart to sufficiently prepare ourselves for the ultimate relationship with the love of our life.

The most common mistake we make in love is to stay in toxic or one-sided relationships. These are the types of relationships in which we should never become involved in the first place. And when we do, we should walk out of them long before everything derailed and plunged downhill.

But we were meant to leave those relationships. Those loves were never meant to last forever If it hadn’t been for those relationships, we may never have come to understand what true love is.

Those relationships ended the way they did to rock you to your core and challenge your beliefs about love. They ended the way they did to force you to think through what went wrong, to show you what genuine love is, and to completely transform you from the inside out.

The purpose of the pain is to nudge you in the direction of the true love of your life, that one person who’s just right for you. And when you meet that person, you’ll have zero doubts and questions about it. When you find your true love, you’ll fully comprehend why your previous relationships all ended the way they did.