Protect Your Spiritual Pull

Protect Your Spiritual Pull

The way that we are magnetized affects others and their can affect us.  It is important to understand how magnetism works and how you can use it for your benefit and for the benefit of others.  Magnetism can protect you from negative energies and harmful things in your life.

You must keep your magnetism strong and you need to let negative feelings and behaviors of others go.

If you find yourself in negative situations, you have to remember that you will be stronger as you move through these.  The stronger your magnetism is, the stronger you will be as a person.


A satsang is being around people that are good company.  Allow yourself to find good people that you can talk to and meditate with.  Let the vibrations strengthen and allow yourself to love others and to get love.

Satsang’s help other people and can help people to be more involved with each other.


If you want to be strong and you know that you will be around negative energy, the best thing that you can do is to meditate before you go out.  Use this to harmonize your heart and make peaceful come out of you and follow you in the world.  Human energy can be either receiving or absorbing and if you enter the giving area, you will see that you are not influenced by outside things.


You can chant out loud or in your heart.  You can talk to yourself and give yourself positive affirmations.  Tell yourself that you are light and love.

Send your energy upwards and allow it to fill your whole body.


When you are at home or meditating, you can chant aum and allow your meditation to go through your body.  Hold your palms upward over your head and allow your aura to get strong.

Extend your arms and then let your palms touch.  Circle them around your body and behind your back.  Keep repeating aum-tat-sat over and over again and do this until you feel strong and protected.

Take Away Your Energies

Do not look in people’s eyes or shake hands with people that have negative thoughts and emotions.  Avoid them and do not exchange your magnetism with them.

Spiritual Guarding

If you find that you have to go someplace where there is negative energy, have a spiritual bodyguard to keep your magnetism strong.

Block It

If you feel that you are being attacked, use your thumb and put a cross on your mind with blue light.  Imagine that you have power to do this and to protect yourself.

Direct your good energy and block out negative energy.  Repeat your chants and keep meditating if you feel that things are out of your control.


Find music to liven to that uplifts you and allows you to feel better.


Find people that are saints and that are spiritual to spend time with.  They will help to increase your magnetism and if you are able to know where they live and travel with them, do that.

Develop Yourself

Take time to develop your own magnetism.  Do this when you are walking and when you are talking to others, always be positive.  Allow people to be in your area that have a strong aura.


When you are a blessing to others, you will be blessed.  Allow your magnetism to be strong so that you can help people to be stronger.