Empaths Are the World’s Old Souls

Empaths Old Souls

Do you ever sit back and wonder why there are so many empaths that seem to have old souls?  The truth is, there is a connection to empathy and old souls, and this is because these people have extra thought perceptions, senses, and emotions that other people do not have.

An empath is someone that has a hard time being in overcrowded places and places where they are surrounded by all kinds of different emotions such as parties, ball games or other high intensity areas.

The easiest way that you can explain what an empath is, is that they are like a sponge. They take in all of the emotions around them rather positive or negative and they are able to feel what other people are feeling.

If you have ever sat down and talked to an old soul, you will see that old souls often have the same qualities as an empath and there is a reason behind this.

Living Energy

Empaths are known throughout history and have been known to have participated in things such as war, depressions and more. There are writings in Incan history that talks about living energy or what they called, Kawsay Pacha. This means that they saw energy as something that was living, and they were able to communicate with this energy through the vibrational energies.

The Incans believed that the world was full of energy and when someone was born into this energy, they knew that they were already alive. They believed that everything had energy, living and non-living things.

The Incas believed that some people were born with stronger feelings of energy, and some were born to be empaths, and this allowed them to have a soulful connection to nature.

They would learn to talk to their nature, pick up the energies around them and they would see that these energies allowed them to interact with things such as animals, people, plants and even objects.

Empaths are people that have energies that are strong to them. This can be negative and positive, and they are able to understand and feel the forces that come with people.

Empaths and Old Souls

Most people show empathy to a point, but this is different than being an empath. An empath has strong feelings that they pick up from the places that they are at and the energies around them.

People that are very sensitive most likely have had these feeling since their birth and as their brain has grown and their emotions strengthened, the things that they feel have often caused them to be more sensitive and to pick up the emotions of others.

We all must understand that not all overly sensitive people are empaths, this happens when there are changes and care and love on top of the sensitivity.

Old souls are generally sensitive to things around them, but they are sensitive to the spiritual realm as well. This does not mean that an old soul will not be an empath, this just means that they experience things differently than most people do and they are tuned into the spiritual element of the energies around them.

Spiritual attunement by an old soul means that they might come back over and over through reincarnation so that they can figure out their life and live their best and purest life. As the soul continues to age, people become less conscious, and they are able to open up their mind and body to the things around them and to the vibrations of others.

Some believe that with age, there is wisdom, and this is something that causes people to be less concerned with what is going on and to spend more time focusing on the energies and emotions around them, learning to be happy and free.

It is very likely that an old soul would be an empath, and this is because they have experienced so much more than others.

Being an empath is a valuable thing and it is a gift that is given from the universe. You have to learn to center and ground yourself and be aware of your abilities. When you are aware of your abilities, you will be able to stop suffering and to understand where your heart is coming from and embrace it.