What Are Psychic Mediums?

Psychic Medium

Every person is born with some form of psychic ability, whether they’re in tune with their innate gifts or not. Some people choose to spend the time needed to develop their intuitive and extra-sensory perception giftings. Mediumship abilities can be honed and developed, but this is only true of psychics who were born with the exceedingly unique gift.

How Mediums Contact the Dead

After people die, their souls leave the physical realm, and their energy vibrates at much higher frequencies than it did when they had a physical body. Since every being in existence vibrates at a certain frequency, a medium is able to match a being’s vibration and connect with it for a reading, even if that being is exclusively in the spiritual realm.

During a reading, a psychic medium will connect with the spirit of your passed loved one by increasing their vibrational frequency. At the same time the spirit lowers their frequency, so the frequencies align.

Unfortunately, due to the variables in this process, the specific loved one you want to contact may not make the connection during your session. This could be due to several reasons, including where in the process your loved one is in transitioning from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, or because another ancestor of yours is tuning in more strongly on the day of your reading with an important communication for you.

Preparing for a Session with a Psychic Medium

People who wish to connect with a loved one who has passed are often able to find deep inner healing and peace after seeking the spiritual guidance of a psychic medium. If you want to communicate with the spirit of a loved one who has died, it’s critical for you to be in a balanced emotional state not only during, but also before the session. This gives the psychic medium the optimal conditions to tune in to your energy field, with minimal disturbances from negative feelings.

In other words, you need to be sure you’re far enough along in your process of grieving to be able to center yourself for the session. Since the grieving process varies widely among people, there’s really no set time you need to wait before scheduling a reading.

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