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Tarot Love Readings

Do you need advice related to love and romance? A tarot reading could reveal the answers you're looking for.

Relationships, romance and love are far and away the most commonly addressed topics of tarot readings. This is likely because tarot cards are highly valuable and insightful tools when it comes to answering the questions from within our hearts.

Like other tarot card readings, tarot love readings begin with a deck of tarot cards. These cards contain symbols and drawings that the reader interprets and relates to your specific situation or question. Most readers would use the same tarot deck for a love reading that that they would use for any other type of readings. The most common deck has 78 cards—22 are major arcana cards, and 56 are minor arcana cards.

Why Consult a Psychic for a Tarot Card Reading?

Psychics who use tarot cards can assist with many different situations that people commonly face. Has your life arrived at a crossroads? Do you want to insight into all of the possible consequences or outcomes of a decision? Have you met somebody with whom you'd like to begin a relationship, but things aren't going anywhere? Would you like to see a wider view of a family situation you're involved in?

A psychic tarot card reading just might be able to explain all of the different dynamics that are at work, and offer helpful guidance on the best way for you to proceed in the situation. Learn more about psychic tarot card readings right now at!

Interpreting Tarot Cards

In a tarot love reading, the cards that correspond to the major events and influences and events in your life are the the major arcana. These major arcana cards usually play the most important role in a love reading.

The "spread" is the particular pattern or layout of the tarot cards. In a love reading, the spread the reader uses will depend on your questions and on the reader’s intuitions regarding your questions. Also important in a tarot love reading is if a card lands upside-down or right-side up in a spread. The position of a card can indicate an energy blockage related to what the card is trying to communicate.

A reader's interpretation of any single card depends quite a bit on the position of the card, but which cards lay near it in the spread is also important. This is one way a reading interprets not only the literal symbolism of a certain card but also its energy.

Tarot love readings are an excellent way to receive guidance related to your love life. If you could really use an unbiased opinion, a tarot love reading is a great option to try. Your answers lie in the cards. All you have to do is ask.

Questions to Ask

As with any psychic love reading, the most insightful and productive reading will result from having your questions prepared in advance. Many tarot readers recommend asking broad, open-ended questions rather than narrow, specific questions.

The first question in a tarot love reading often leads to more answers and insights than you ever thought it could!

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