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Pendulum psychics obtain divine guidance and offer accuracy in answering questions about difficult issues and questions you may have.

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What Can Pendulum Psychic Readings Tell You?

A pendulum reading is a great way to create a safe, quiet space for yourself while gaining insight into your subconscious self. Pendulum readings are beneficial for people who want to do a reading for themselves, but they can also be done with a psychic reader.

Pendulum readings involve meditation and setting an intention. If you are doing a pendulum reading with a psychic, they may go into a meditative state in order to connect with the pendulum and your energy. Through this they can connect to the message that the spirit world is trying to send to you.

If you are interested in getting a pendulum reading, consult one of our featured pendulum psychics today.

Can I get a pendulum reading every day?

Yes. Some pendulum readings can be done every day in order to set your intention for the day and gain insight into the day’s events. PsychicOz offers readings over the phone, via online chat, and over email.

What can I use as a pendulum?

If you want to do a pendulum reading yourself, all you will need is a small, weighted object on a string. Move the pendulum back and forth for a few minutes and attain a meditative state.

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