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PsychicOz readers are intuitively gifted, authentic psychic readers who care deeply about helping others achieve satisfaction and happiness in their own lives.

PsychicOz is proud to offer the best readers at an unmatched value. We offer more quality time at significantly lower cost. Sure, you could spend more money on other psychic services. But why should you? 

When you're happy, we’re happy. PsychicOz believes in teaming up with only the best psychic readers available. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients:

• This was my first contact with a psychic. I was pleasantly surprised with Allie! She was intuitive and deeply thoughtful. I'm now anticipating positive changes in my future, since Allie shared some realistic expectations with me. I'll definitely consult with her again! ~ Andrea, South Carolina

• Devon told me my future would include a man in uniform, and that this man would be good for me and make me happy. Devon was right yet again. My new boyfriend is in the law enforcement field. Devon's predictions always come true! ~ Queenie, Wisconsin

• I wish I could give a higher rating than five stars! Leandra is wonderful. She's truly a gem. Her honesty and clarity can sometimes be hard to hear, but I need to hear those things to stay on the right path. Thanks for everything, Leandra. You're the real deal. ~ Sophia, Oregon

• I'd be lost without Brianna. She's loving, peaceful, insightful, and honest. She always gets to the heart of the matter right away. She's firm and straightforward and doesn't ever waste time, but she's caring and empathetic. This is quite remarkable, and I respect her very much. She's really a very exceptional person! ~  Michelle, Texas

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Unmatched Value

We value our clients, and we honor their finances. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to delivering a superior services at a reasonable price.

Our fair pricing system ensures that clients receive both value and quality when engaging our services.  We award additional time with most pre-paid purchases. We offer frequent discounts and promotions. And we provide a wide selection of readers at a range of prices. We’re so confident in our quality and value that we encourage you to check out our competition, and then let us know if they're doing better.

In the short term, we hope you'll give PsychicOz a try. And in the long term, we would love for you to come back for more, hopefully, over and over again! We dedicate ourselves to building long-lasting relationships, and would like to see you happy for a long time to come.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We highly value the opinions of our clients. If you ever have any kind of negative experience with PsychicOz, please let us know. Our customer service department will arrange another reading for you with a different reader. Or, if you prefer, we'll refund your money. It’s totally up to you. 

We'd be grateful for any opportunity to know where we could improve and to make things right. We want you to know for certain we care about you and what you feel and think. We hope it’s all good!