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Oracle Card Psychic Readings

Psychics who use oracle cards during readings receive spiritual communication through both the cards and their innate psychic abilities to apply to the reading.

How PsychicOz Works:

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3. Rest Easy

PsychicOz connects both you and the advisor: privately, anonymously and securely.


Preparing for an Oracle Card Psychic Reading

You should spend a few moments before your session relaxing and centering yourself. Take several controlled and slow breaths and meditate on what it is that you'd like the cards to help you uncover. Preparing in this way will help the psychic more easily form connections to your personal energy vibrations and receive more resonating and accurate guidance during the session.

Every psychic has their own individualized approach to using oracle cards. Many will start the reading by spending a few moments connecting with their spiritual guides, your spiritual guides, and any other energies that are expressing a desire to communicate and to provide input to the reading. The psychic will tell you which cards are turning up in answer to your questions.

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