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We take pride in offering you the best psychics anywhere in the world. Therefore, we conduct an extensive screening process for all our applicants. Once a psychic applies for a position with us, we begin a careful interview and background process that may take up to one month. 

After we receive a written application, we schedule a telephone interview with the psychic. Then, the applicant must perform a series of test readings with our team of experienced evaluators.

Over the course of this step-by-step process, we get to know the skills and talents of each applicant in a personal way. Each stage of the interview process must meet our high standards for accuracy and skill before we entrust that individual to our valued clients.

We believe that the time we take in hiring our team members ensures that only the most gifted psychics work with

Here is out Psychics 14-Point Code of Ethics that all our psychics agree to follow:

Code of Ethics1.  PsychicOz Psychics understands the high level responsibility held by its readers. Our readers are required to promote the welfare of and to respect the dignity of our clients. All readers are required to treat all clients with the highest levels of professionalism, compassion and respect, which includes focusing completely on the clients and the clients' needs.

2. To protect the confidential nature of psychic services, PsychicOz Psychics does not allow readers to obtain or share clients' contact information or to take notes during readings.

3. For clients' protection, readers are forbidden to request information that would personally identify a client for any reason or in any way.

4. For the confidentiality and safety of the service provider and the readers, all readers use pseudonyms in their contacts with clients. PsychicOz Psychics does not allow readers to use or promote their own business or personal information with clients for any reason.

5. Readers are not allowed to ask clients for money or solicit outside contact or business from clients. Virtual personal or romantic relationships with clients on any level or platform of any kind outside of the psychic service context is not allowed.

6. All contacts and services are to be conducted through the PsychicOz Psychics website to ensure clients' protection and security.

7. Clients may choose a single connection or ongoing connections with any psychic reader through PsychicOz Psychics. Clients may terminate a chat or a conversation at any time. How much money and time a client spends with a reader is totally up to the client.

8. PsychicOz Psychics readers may not impose their own personal behaviors, beliefs or values, attitudes on clients. They may share these things only in a way that helps their client  understand the messages and information from the reading.

9. PsychicOz Psychics readers realize that the heart of their service relationships with clients is trust. Readers earn that trust through confidentiality, professionalism and, above all, honesty. 

10.PsychicOz Psychics will not purposefully disclose any content from interactions between readers and clients.

11. Using PsychicOz Psychics' messaging, chat and telephone services implies clients' consent that the communications' content may be recorded and stored for quality assurance and for clients' protection.

12. Like other counseling arrangements, clients' right to confidentiality may be waived if legal demands require that information be disclosed, or if imminent danger of harm to others or to self is deemed to exist.

13. PsychicOz Psychics readers always attempt to be accurate, honest and open in their readings.  PsychicOz Psychics will not reward readers for trying to prolong reading lengths beyond what clients desire, nor will readers be encouraged to do so.

14. PsychicOz Psychics readers will not dictate the direction or the content of their readings.