Top Quality Psychics

We take pride in offering you the best psychics anywhere in the world. Therefore, we conduct an extensive screening process for all our applicants. Once a psychic applies for a position with us, we begin a careful interview and background process that may take up to one month. 

After we receive a written application, we schedule a telephone interview with the psychic. Then, the applicant must perform a series of test readings with our team of experienced evaluators.

Over the course of this step-by-step process, we get to know the skills and talents of each applicant in a personal way. Each stage of the interview process must meet our high standards for accuracy and skill before we entrust that individual to our valued clients.

We believe that the time we take in hiring our team members ensures that only the most gifted psychics work with

While we cannot guarantee that all our psychics’ predictions from your reading will come true, we do our best to ensure that you will enjoy and benefit your reading.


Happy readings!