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I am an honest, direct and straight to the point reader. I will help you find the clarity and and remove the confusion in your life. I don't do medical or legal questions. Bad reviews are not to be trusted some people cant accept the truth and want me to what they want to hear. I am have too much integrity to say what you want to hear. Have an Open Heart and Mind when having a psychic reading. Some recent bad reviews have been left :( from people who did not hear what they want to hear. Sorry


I first realized my gift as a visionary at an early age of 7 year old. I have been doing readings for over 18 years with a gift of vision to see what others cannot. I am a spiritual guide offering insight into your life. I will only ask for your name, age and can connect quickly to save time.

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Psychic Gigi - Plantation , US | PsychicOz

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