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: Master Psychic Reader with 30+ yrs Experience.


: More than 2 years


: English


: Jersey City, United States

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    Love & Relationship Psychics, Career Forecasts Psychics, Life Path Psychics, Money Psychics, Pets Psychics
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    Clairvoyant Psychics, Dream Analysis Psychics, Remote Viewing Psychics, Channeling Psychics, Empath Psychics
  • Psychic Tools

    No Tools Psychics, Tarot Card Psychics


People often come to my readings in distress and have indecision, emotionally fragile and drowning in victim consciousness. Within a short time, they are shown exactly what they must do to solve their problems. Together the person seeking help and i devise a plan of action to quickly move through their pain. Tools and techniques are exchanged and clients ended up session as self empowered, determined and clear in their direction.


I'm a Clairvoyant and a Psychic who can also do Dream Interpretation. I am an expert in love and relationship as well as in career. I also have years of experience in tarot card reading and remote viewing. I'll help you overcome your obstacles with compassion and love.

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Psychic Queen - Jersey City, US | PsychicOz

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