Surviving Work and Finding Your Passion in Life

Surviving Work and Finding Your Passion, One Day at a Time

For many of us, work isn’t what we enjoy doing. We spend 40 hours a week or more working for and with people we don’t really like in order to pay for our houses, food, and a marginal amount of fun. By the time we get home we are tired, cranky, and unable to give others the attention they need, let alone ourselves and the care we need.

Too many people are miserable at their jobs, but what is there to be done about that? We all have obligations to our families and the responsibility of paying for bills, food, and housing every month. We have let these responsibilities take the place of our own happiness, exchanging what makes us excited and passionate for what makes us feel comfortable and stable.

What if I told you that you don’t have to sacrifice your passion for your job? Even if you feel trapped between your career and your obligations, there are always ways to balance out your life to bring passion and happiness back in.

The first step for people who want to connect with what they are passionate about is to pinpoint those things that make you the happiest. What hobby do you have that can mesmerize you for hours? What situations do you have in your life that you always find yourself looking forward to? Do you want to regain control of your life or be your own boss?

Once you’ve figured out what makes you passionate, figure out how to get paid to do that thing. On the other hand, you can also find ways to mix in what makes you happy without quitting your job. Some of us have jobs or careers that we don’t mind- there are good moments and bad moments in any job.

We can put too much pressure on our work lives, and in doing so miss out on our hobbies and passions outside of working hours. If this sounds like you, figure out how you can do what makes you happy outside of work. This balances out your life and gives you something to look forward to during the week.

You might feel as though you need to make a greater change in your life. This could mean quitting your job and pursing a new field or starting your own business where you get to be the boss. Change can be scary and intimidating but imagine how your life could be when you take a risk and succeed.

Look for areas of support in your life to facilitate these changes. You are the catalyst, but other people can assist you with pursuing your passion and purpose. Your friends and family want to see you happy and successful! Once you do start to experience positive results because of these changes you’ve made in your life, you will realize how much different your life can look.

Belief in yourself and your goals is essential to pursuing your life’s passion. The road to change can be rocky, and there may be people trying to drag you down along the way. You owe it to yourself to live your best life, every day.

If you want to do more than just survive through another work week, consider how you can add passion and happiness back into your life. Believe in your own power to change and go after what you want. The results will surprise you!