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Avoiding Psychic Scammers

Lots of people have tarot readings or online psychic readings. But how many of them verify that the psychic they're working with is authentic? Do you know how to verify that a psychic is genuine, and how to make sure you’re not getting caught up in a scam?

The top three states for online crime are Texas, California and Florida, and the internet is a common go-to place where psychic scammers make money.

Here are some signs you may be investing your money and time in an unreliable psychic:

Your reader tells you to purchase expensive remedies.

A psychic that tells you things like you're under a curse, or you need to purchase certain products to cleanse your life of negativity, is probably trying to scam you. The recommended products are usually quite expensive.

Nobody else has ever heard of your psychic.

Reputation is important. So is doing your research before you choose a psychic to do your readings. If it is difficult to find information or reviews about the psychic, you should probably move on.

The psychic's website is not verified.

People often visit websites of individuals who claim to be gifted psychics, and who offer their readings at a high price. But it's important to understand that legitimate psychic websites provide information on their readers, who are screened before they're contracted. Legitimate websites will also include customer testimonials.

Avoid psychic scammers by using PsychicOz Psychics.

Avoid psychic scammers by using PsychicOz Psychics. Finding genuine psychics to consult with for anything from medium readings to clairvoyance can be a difficult process. That's why PsychicOz Psychics has hundreds authentic psychic readers you can consult with over the telephone or by online chat. They've been verified through a strict process of rigorous interviews and in-depth screenings. The customer reviews that are posted are not edited, and were submitted by actual customers who have received readings from the psychic they've reviewed.
Doing your research offers you peace of mind that you're consulting a genuine psychic who will provide you with an authentic and accurate reading.

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