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I Ching, or the Classic of Changes, is one of the foundational books of Confucianism. It's among the oldest methods of accessing guidance from the spiritual realm. Psychics use I Ching to deliver answers and clear knowledge from the roots of the spiritual realm itself. This can leave you feeling safe, balanced, calm and divinely guided.

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Preparing for an I Ching Psychic Reading

As with any other psychic reading, try to be in a relaxed mental, emotional and physical  state, which will clear your energy field and allow the psychic to easily connect with your personal energy frequency. Spend a few moments before your session centering yourself and meditating on the questions you'd like answers to.

Focus on taking controlled, deep, full breaths, which will slow down your brain waves and your heart rate. This will further assist the psychic as they connect with you. During your reading, focus on just one issue at a time, which will give the psychic the clearest opportunity to address every one of your questions. 

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