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: Master Tarot Reader w/19+ yrs exp. Let me help you navigate life.


: More than 2 years


: English


: Mount Hope, United States

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    Love & Relationship Psychics, Career Forecasts Psychics, Money Psychics
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    Clairvoyant Psychics, Clairaudient Psychics, Clairsentient Psychics, Empath Psychics
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    No Tools Psychics, Tarot Card Psychics, Oracle Cards Psychics


I am a natural born psychic who has been helping others with my gift for over 19 yrs. As an empath, I understand that when you call a psychic you want answers, not mystery. I am blunt and honest and don't believe in sugar coating things. As a social worker in my everyday life I know better than most that sometimes people need to hear hard honest truths. I don't tell people what they want to hear, I tell them what the Universe wants them to know.


I am a certified Tarot Master with 19+ yrs experience. I am a High Priestess and have been involved in the craft for 20+ yrs. I am highly empathic in my everyday life and use my ability to tune into the Universe to help clients find the answers they need to get their life where they want it.

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