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: I'm a generational Psychic that has gifts and healing talent.


: More than 2 years


: English


: moore haven, United States

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    Love & Relationship Psychics, Life Path Psychics, Pets Psychics, Deceased Love Ones Psychics
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    Medium Psychics, Clairvoyant Psychics, Clairaudient Psychics, Remote Viewing Psychics, Empath Psychics
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    Tarot Card Psychics, Oracle Cards Psychics, Pendulum Psychics


Hello to all, my name is Calossa Wolf and I am a generational psychic with shaman healing talents. I can connect with your loved ones to give you messages or ask my tarot cards. What questions do you have?


Gifted with shaman healing from my ancestors and can connect in with angels and guides readings.

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Psychic CaloosaWolf - Moore haven, US | PsychicOz

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