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: *Certified Psychic* Love Specialist* The Only Psychic You'll Need!


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: Dallas, United States

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I use my psychic abilities to look beyond the current circumstances into how the forces of cause and effect determine your future. By obtaining a consultation with me, you will receive some of the most revealing, informative psychic guidance you could ever hope for. I able to tap into one's inner thoughts to reveal Honest & Accurate answers and timelines for love & marriage what they are feeling & thinking & are at on an emotional level & friends family business decisions and life path.


I am a native American clairvoyant, 2nd generations of healers, herbal doctors, root workers and clairvoyants. I studied at Berkeley psychic institute for 3 yrs. At age 6, I was able to see Auras and Chakra movements. I have been advising coaching and helping people professionally for 21 yrs.

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Psychic Divine - Dallas, US | PsychicOz

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