Struggles Only Empaths Understand

Empaths Understand

Empaths pick up the feelings and emotions of others. They are often said to be loving, compassionate, caring and kind. Sometimes when you are an empath, people will come to you to help you to solve their problems or to help them through their situations.

Empaths have strong giftings and they are able to understand and feel the emotions that other people have. They feel these things like they are their own feelings. Even though some people do not understand others, an empath always understands people and they are sensitive to what they are going through which can burden them.

Most people do not know how deep an empath feels and they are often misunderstood and left alone because of their strong emotions. Here are some things that you will struggle with if you are an empath:

Emotions and Your Own Feelings

Do you ever go somewhere, and you have a great day until that one person comes in? Then you feel that your day went from positive to negative.  When these things happen, you have to learn to focus on your own care and your own feelings.

When you get a call, meet up with a friend or when someone comes home and your mood changes from happy to disappointing, it can be hard for you to deal with these changes of emotions.


Coping with your emotions can be hard and if you feel drained all the time, chances are that you are picking up the emotions around people. These emotions can be peace, happiness, anger, sadness or more.

Empaths feel emotions and this can overwhelm them. They will need to have more care than others because they have so much, they are dealing with.

Compassion and Caring

People that are empaths will often be too sensitive. They will have strong emotions and they need to learn to turn their feelings off sometimes.

A person that is always kind and compassionate can be burdened by the emotions of others. These are things that they carry around and they often feel responsible for those people.

Dishonest People

Empaths know when they are around people that are dishonest. They are not vulnerable to what others put them through because they know the feelings of others and they pick up on things easily.

Being Sociable and Having Alone Time

Empaths love to connect with others, but it can be overwhelming for them because of the strong emotions that people have around them. This can cause there to be pressure on their lives and make them always wanting to fix things.

Since they are always so full of emotions, the empath also needs to have alone time to balance their own feelings and emotions.  They will often choose activities that do not bring big crowds such as eating out, going to the coffee house or other things that are low-key.

Depression and Stress

Empaths do not often have mental health issues, but they do often have stress and anxiety. Since they are so sensitive to emotions, this can make them prone to stress and depression.

If you are around people that are angry or sad, these people will affect your mentality and it can cause you to feel depressed, tired, or worse.

You might have to deal with the emotional struggles of others and then learn to deal with your own. You need to keep your time with yourself strong and be around people that are positive.

People Use You

You are someone that has strong intuition and since you are able to pick up on things chances are that people will use you so that they can feel better.

People that are narcissism and toxic will be drawn to your kindness.

Little Things Upset You

Empaths often get upset by little things because they are always picking up the emotions. Empaths can go for days by picking up emotions and so even a small argument will upset you and the empath has a hard time watching violent movies and even the news.

Time for You

Empaths have to have time for themselves so that they can heal. Use self-care so that you can be strong and that you can have the energies that you need to solve problems.

Saying No

As an empath you might have a hard time saying no but you have to learn to set boundaries in your relationships.

Empaths will always sacrifice their own feelings for others, and they will say yes when they need to say no.

Emotions And Yourself

Some empaths have a hard time knowing their own feelings from other peoples feelings. You might think that what you are feeling are your own emotions, but the truth is that it is the emotions that you are picking up from others.

If you are an empath, you need to pay attention to your feelings and make sure that you are staying strong and being healthy.