Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is someone that takes your energy and uses it for themselves.  They have no empathy for others and are insecure in themselves.  They will prey on people and try to heal themselves and their inner emotions.

An energy vampire can be a co-worker, a friend, family member or even a partner you are with.  If you find yourself to be empathetic, there is a good chance you will attract an energy vampire.

Energy vampires are attached to people with strong emotions because they need these emotions to try to make themselves feel better.

You might feel angry at an energy vampire, but they haven’t learned how to deal with their problems, and they will prey on others only when they are in pain.  You have to remember that you are not responsible for solving their emotional problems and they need to learn to solve their problems and figure out why they are struggling.

Sometimes, an energy vampire will make you feel drained and not able to take care of yourself.  This is because they take your energy and leave you feeling upset or anxious.  There has to be a line that is drawn to stop these types of people from preying on your life.


A martyr vampire is someone that will make you feel that you have to be at their mercy instead of taking responsibility for themselves.  They will manipulate and make other people feel like they have no choice but to take care of them.  They will steal your love and will not feel approved and will make you feel unworthy.  They will try to get sympathy from you and if they don’t they will make you feel guilty.


When you are around a martyr vampire, you have to understand their cues and pay attention to what they are doing.  Do not let them blame them for your suffering no matter how bad their day has been.  Try to limit the time you spend with them.


A narcissist vampire is someone that always wants to put you second and their own self first.  They can make you feel that you have no power and that you only care about yourself.


You need to try to limit your time with them and if you can’t then you need to put your own interests first and let them learn to deal with it.


A vampire that is dominating will make you feel that you are always wrong or weak.  They will try to intimidate you and make you feel that you are wrong the way that you see things.  Sometimes, they are racist and sexists.

Saving Your Energy

Try to limit your contact with these people and if you have to be around them, don’t let them scare you or dominate you.


When you are around a dramatic vampire, they will try to create problems for you because they always need drama to survive.  They will seek out reasons to feel like you are victimizing them, and they will not see you as important.  They will always want to give you negative energy.

Saving Your Energy

When you have to deal with these types of vampires, you need to make sure that you do not let them start drama for you.  Stay away from them when they stir it up.


When you deal with a judgmental vampire, you will see that they treat everyone wrong.  They will try to make you feel bad or ashamed of yourself and will judge you in all things you do.

Keeping Yourself Safe

When you deal with these types of vampires, make sure you remember that they have a deeper pain and that they don’t know how to treat others.


Vampires aren’t always about hurting you and you might come across people that are good friends to you but are helpless.  These types of vampires can care a lot about you, but they have to learn to be self-sufficient and not depending on you for everything that happens.

Keeping Safe

Helping those vampires in need is important and shows love and compassion but you always have to remember to love yourself and to develop your strength and build yourself up, so you don’t always have to be a caregiver.


If you feel that you are dealing with any of these vampires, remember that there is hope and help for you and for them and sometimes you have to just learn to distance yourself so that you do not suffer from their actions.