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Clairaudient Psychics - Hear from the Other Side

Clairaudient psychics hear messages from deceased loved ones, spiritual beings, and other sources on the astral plane. This can be a source of clarity and closure.

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Top Rated Clairaudient Psychic Readings

Clairaudient psychics are psychics who attain information and connect with the messages your energy is sending to you via audio cues. A clairaudient psychic might hear snippets of a voice, a song, or another heard sound that allows them to relay a message to you from your subconscious or the spiritual world.

This page features psychics in the PsychicOz network who conduct clairaudient readings. This is how they connect with your message, and it is a product of their psychic gifts that allows them to hear these unique messages for you.

Read more about our clairaudient psychics by clicking on their profiles.

How is a clairaudient psychic different than a regular psychic?

A clairaudient is a psychic who receives messages via sounds. They are able to connect with your energy the same way a psychic does, but this is how they specifically hear and interpret your reading.

What are the benefits of a clairaudient psychic?

One of the benefits of a clairaudient reading is that the psychic can describe to you what they are hearing. You might recognize a special song, a word you associate with someone you love, or the tone of voice that the clairaudient is hearing.

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