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Clairsentient psychics sense the subtle energies around people, situations, and objects. They use their body to obtain information from the spiritual realm and relay this information to you.

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Accurate Clairsentient Psychic Readings

At PsychicOz, we want to invest in a wide variety of psychics with diverse skills and talents. In doing so, we give our clients a choice in psychic reading options to fit their needs, wants, and desires. We offer readings via online chat, over the phone, and can conduct readings via email as well.

We wanted to create a community that was supportive and engaging in the psychic world. Our selection of genuine clairsentient psychics are here to give you support and answers to the important questions you have. Clairsentient psychics are incredibly empathetic and are able to sense the feelings and emotional states of the people, animals, and sometimes objects around them.

What is a clairsentient psychic?

A clairsentient is a psychic that is finely attuned to the feelings and emotions of people, animals, and objects. A clairsentient psychic could give you a reading that allows you to see deeper into your own emotional state, but it also allows them to pick up on subtle energy patterns that affect your life and the people around you.

What are the benefits of a clairsentient reading?

A clairsentient psychic can allow you to tune into your own subconscious emotions, as well as the emotional state of others around you. They can allow you to attain clarity, closure, and perspective on situations and emotional circumstances.

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