New Love in Your Life? Consult Your Dreams About It

New Love in Your Life? Consult Your Dreams About It

Our subconscious minds are full of information. From the people we meet during the day to our fears and desires, our brains deal with a huge amount of information every minute. Part of how our brains process this information is through our dreams.

We don’t remember the majority of the dreams we have, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. If you have recently become involved with a new person, your brain is focused on them whether you notice it or not. You might find that you are daydreaming about them during the day, or dreaming about them at night.

Discovering what your dreams mean is an interesting practice and can result in getting to know yourself better. There tend to be three different kinds of dreams people have about relationships or lovers; these categories include dreams about romantic fulfilment, dreams about soulmates, and dreams about intimacy.


Dreams often serve as messages from our subconscious telling us what we need, or about something that we are missing in our lives.

For the first dream relationship category, romantic fulfilment, people might dream about being reunited with an ex that they hadn’t thought about in years. This can be a result of a lack of intimacy in your current life, and a need for romantic fulfilment and connection with another person. We might have the need to feel desired by another person, to feel sexy, and to feel alive in the presence of someone else.

Dreams related to romance, sex, and partnership all fall into the category of fulfilment dreams. They can be a result of biological and emotional needs that aren’t being met. If you’ve recently met a new significant other or someone you are interested in, you may start finding them in your dreams.

The second category is dreaming of a soulmate. These dreams involve meeting someone, sometimes a stranger, with whom you have a comfortable and intimate relationship with. It feels as though you’ve known each other for years, but there is still the excitement of that first meeting keeping you together.

These kinds of dreams may comment on a connection you had with a former partner, with a friend who might be something more, or the future person you hope to be with.


Sometimes, two people may be dreaming about one another years before they actually meet in real life. The psychic plane is full of energy and spiritual messages being passed back and forth; if two people are meant to be, they often find each other on a spiritual level first.

Finally, people dream of intimacy with another person. This can involve erotic dreams about a partner or new lover. Sometimes this new lover is simply a different part of yourself that you didn’t know you possessed- a side of you that is yearning to come out. These masculine and feminine energies play out in your own character as well as in the character of your potential lover or partner.

There are many aspects of dreams, and there is so much we don’t know about how our subconscious minds work. What dreams have to say about our love lives can have an impact on our future selves and how we see our romantic prospects. What are your dreams trying to tell you?