How to Tell if You are High or Low Maintenance

How to Tell if You are High or Low Maintenance

Being called high maintenance can be a unique type of dig at one’s personality.  But what does it really mean?  To understand whether a person is viewed as “high” or “low” maintenance, you need to look at the following three areas:  Physicality, Emotions, and Finances.

Relationship experts describe a “low” maintenance person as one who seeks the bare essentials in life.  Whereas a “high” maintenance person will seek to put in extra time to pull a look together or discover the latest hotspots.  Here a few of the signs you can tell is you fall into the category of a “high” or “low” maintenance person.

Physical Style

  • Does it take you longer than 20 minutes to get dressed for an event?
  • Do you prefer a fashionista or minimalist style?
  • How often do you need to get your hair and nails professionally done?
  • Do you avoid getting into the water in the summer for fear of ruining your hair and makeup?
  • Do you wear flipflops or kitten heels to the pool?
  • When you wear makeup (if you do), do you feel the need to check to see if you need to change or reapply every 30 minutes or so?
  • Have people seen you without makeup on, or know what your natural hair color is?
  • Must you always dress for the location and the event?
  • Do special events require multiple wardrobe changes?
  • Do dry cleaners, cobblers, seamstresses, , trainers, and beauticians and merchants all know you on a first name bias because you see them at least once a week?

If so, you might be HIGH maintenance!

Emotional Aptitude

  • Are you comfortable seeing your partner get a phone call and not ask who is calling?
  • Can you go day and not get a compliment and feel okay?
  • Do you care what people really think about your style?
  • Can you be comfortable with just a Netflix and Chill with takeout type of date?
  • Can you handle being teased about that weird hair on your back or that zit on your butt?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your partner looking at other people or spending time alone with their friends?
  • Are you comfortable if your partner doesn’t return your call or text within 15 minutes of your reaching out to them?

If so, you might be LOW maintenance!

Financial Savvy

  • Consider the car you drive and if you need it to express an image of yourself to society
  • Are you spender or a saver?
  • Do you need to have the latest technology or fashion or are you content with items you view as reliable?
  • Do you eat at diners? If so, is it for the quality of the meal, the location, or because it’s currently trendy?
  • Do you feel comfortable paying for items yourself or you do feel compelled to be a “Sugar Baby”?
  • Do you feel comfortable to balance your finances monthly or do you feel confident that someone will support a potentially lavish lifestyle for you?
  • Do you shop at Goodwill or Saks?
  • You do feel in competition to outdo a “friend’s” previous event?
  • Do you prefer camping, glamping or 5-star hotels?
  • Does your house feel “lived-in” or something straight out of Architectural Digest magazine?
  • Are you happy to be surprised by a gift, or you buy a present for someone to “gift” you?

How you answer these questions will provide vital insight into whether or are “High” or “Low” maintenance!