Using the Universal Language of Numerology

Psychic Numerology Readings

Numerology is rooted in the most universal language of all, numbers. It’s based on the understanding that every number represents an elementary truth about the cosmos, and each number plays a role in governing the progression of our lives.

Discerning the vibrational energy of the numbers that are unique to each person is believed to offer crucial insight into the depths of our highest work, our life’s purpose, our karmic debts, and our personalities. Numerology includes the concept that every person is a spiritual being who is repeatedly incarnated as it evolves towards its highest possible state of consciousness.

With this concept in mind, numerology works to address questions spanning every aspect of human life including past lives. It attempts to offer new perspectives on what our own personal challenges are, and to shed light on which specific lessons we’re here to learn.

How Do Psychic Numerology Readings Work?

In numerology readings, psychics decipher clients’ core numbers, including their karmic debt number, their birth date number, their personality number, their destiny and expression number, their soul urge and heart’s desire number, and their personal life path number. Some core numbers are determined using the numbers corresponding to the letters used when you spell out your full name. Others are determining their numbers using the numbers in their date of birth. All core numbers get reduced to one digit.

Numerology psychics will likely ask you to spell out your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, your full date of birth, the birth dates of the people who are closest to you, and the dates of important events that occurred in your life in order to discover your core numbers.

Taken together, your core numbers constitute what’s considered to be your personal instructional manual for life. Numerology Psychics may use their expertise to apply numbers to a general clairaudient reading or clairsentient reading. You may want to consult with your psychic to calculate your own personal numerology chart and to have it deciphered from beginning to end.

When to Get a Numerology Reading

Are you noticing that numbers have recently become a recurrent theme in your life? Are you attracted to some numbers more than you are to others, and you’ve begun to notice patterns in those attractions? When things like this happen, a reading with a psychic who specializes in numerology can be an effective way to discover the messages hidden in the numbers and can show them what the spiritual realm is communicating through them.

Additionally, a numerology psychic reading is a crucial step in self-awareness and personal development. You’ll be able to address your weaknesses and your strengths according to the numbers, and to discern when momentous events will occur and act to shift your personal experience and evolution. Learn more about psychic numerology readings at right now!