How Empaths Love Differently

How Empaths Love Differently

Being loved by someone is the greatest feeling in the world, but when you are lucky enough to be loved by an empath the feelings are indescribable. An empath’s love is intense selfless, and beyond what most will feel in a lifetime. When an empath chooses to love you, it will be something other worldly. Many times, you may catch yourself wondering what you did to deserve such love, but empaths choose to give this love and do so in different ways.

There are several types of love empaths give described below:

Natural Givers

Empaths are not at all selfish, unlike many others, they do not think only of their personal well-being. Empaths are like angels who make us thankful to exist. They are a true blessing in the lives they touch. This type of love comes naturally to an empath who will give everything they can without you ever asking. They give both time and love selflessly even beyond what you may deserve because this is their natural tendency.

Broken Heart

Since an empath feels things so deeply, their hearts are continually broken by things like injustice, inequality, and others being hurt by toxic people. You will likely never be hurt by an empath because they are so aware of pain in the world, they will protect your heart at all costs. Your needs will always come first.

React Differently when Hurt

Empaths may get hurt often, but they will never get used to the pain. When they are in pain, this will never be projected onto you, but they may become distant and forget about you a few moments to heal and re-center. The worst thing you can do is not be there. While they need space, check in and offer a shoulder as needed. This is the way you can be there for the empath that loves you.

Caged Heart

To an inexperienced observer an empath may appear to love easily, but this is not the case. When empaths are hurt too often or give their love to the wrong people, they tend to cage up their hearts. When no one tells them that it will all work out and be okay, they will lock their hearts away and become almost impossible to approach. If you selfishly choose not to fight for them, it can harm them long term. Instead, fight for your empath as they would fight for you. The love will flow in your direction when it is unlocked.


Empaths love people but cannot handle being surrounded all the time. It can become overwhelming quickly. Allow an empath time to process emotions and rest from the pressure without fighting them. The space they require does not mean you need to be jealous; it means they are recharging and will come back to you as soon as they can. The positive to this is that empaths are not clingy because they want space and will give you yours.


Empaths will always choose honesty, no matter how much it may hurt them. They both hate lying and hate being lied to so they are often forceful advocates. This means you will always know where you stand in the relationship and need not worry about being manipulated by lies. This goes well above most normal relationships.

Highly Intuitive

Empaths are highly intuitive and see things others may not. You may feel like you are being spied on or something, but it is only because they use intuition to sense things you do not verbalize or you may not even realize. There is no point in trying to hide feelings from an empath, they will already know and be there for you in each situation. Your emotions will be priority. This can be a blessing and a curse because there is no hiding from an empath.


Love from an empath is intense, unlike anything experienced before. If you are one of the lucky ones and find empath love, you will learn to see things in a new light. They are energetically sensitive and because of this will be largely in tune with everything around, including you. This goes above normal human means. This will be fulfilling and you will be a priority. Do not question the love, simply embrace it and enjoy.