Communicating with Loved Ones that Have Died

Talking to the Dead: How to Know When Your Loved Ones are Talking to You

Death takes us by surprise. Whether it is the death of a beloved pet, a spouse, a family member, or a friend, we are never ready for the changes that come with losing someone we are close to. Even if we had time to process the death of a loved one, there can still be many unanswered questions, thoughts, and feelings that come up for those who were close to that person or pet.

Many people wonder if it is possible to communicate with their loved ones once they have passed on. The energy that remains in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones, both living and dead, is strongly connected; even if they have passed on, these people want us to know that they continue to be with us in different ways. Signs from the spiritual world can be obvious or subtle, but there are always things you could watch out for to see if your deceased loved ones are trying to communicate with you.

Grief can cause us to miss some of these signs from our loved ones, so paying attention is key. Be aware of circumstances, people, or conversations that are out of the ordinary; often these small moments lead you back to something your deceased loved one said or did. Other commonly experienced spiritual signs that your deceased loved one is communicating with you include:

  • You feel a presence with you, even when you’re alone.
  • Words, numbers, or images repeat themselves around you.
  • You catch glimpses of people or things in your peripheral vision, but they aren’t there when you look closer.
  • Your dreams involve your deceased loved one.
  • The same song is always on the radio when you listen to it.
  • You find lone objects, like feathers, when you’re out and about on a walk or a run.
  • You see the physical image of your deceased loved one around you, even though they are not there.
  • Money is left for you.
  • Animals are sent to visit you.
  • You feel a tap on the shoulder, hand, or head.
  • Things are misplaced around your home.
  • You receive phone calls, but only hear silence or static on the line.
  • Electricity may seem strange, like lights are flickering, or things turn off and on.
  • You smell odors that are specific to your deceased loved one around you randomly.

There is so much spiritual energy around us, and our deceased loved one can use that energy to communicate with us after they’ve passed. If you think your loved one is trying to communicate with you, pay attention to the small signs that may exist around you. These messages are important for the deceased to convey to us, in addition to giving us hope, love, and support from the people we loved the most.

It can be difficult to get over the death of a friend, pet, family member, or spouse. However, with a spiritual communicator and an eye out for signs, you can find out if your loved one has any special messages for you.