Twin Flame Stages to Recognize

twin flame relationship

People are often affected by their twin flame meeting and relationship and rather they know about them or not, they often have to face them. There are twin flame stages that you will have to go through once you meet your twin flame and this can be a powerful struggle that you will have to face.

You will need to realize this before you decide if you want to have a twin flame relationship or not and the lessons that you will learn will help you to become a better person and to learn to be strong and happy.

Some twin flames will have relationships that will always be connected and even if they are hard, they will be able to make it through. Some will be happy from the start and they will only separate for a short amount of time but will come back.

A twin flame is something that is rare, and you will meet this person who is the second half of your soul. They will reunite with you and they will awaken you and will take you on a journey that you never imagined. Once you separate and come back together, your union will be a divine thing.

The One

Your journey will begin when you start to wonder if you will ever meet the perfect person for you. This will happen when you begin to grow up and you see that you feel that something is missing. The twin flame bond will be something that changes your life and as it happens, it will be natural and will make you confident.

The twin flame reunion is there in everyone and you are not always aware of it. This is the ideal love that you will have and when you meet your twin flame, you will realize that you have been longing for them.

You are searching for someone that is a physical being and the energy of theirs will match yours to make you whole. We all want to meet this person and we all hope that they will love and understand us like we need in our life.

They will complete you and will fill the voids that you had in your life.

Searching for Your Twin Flame

Once you realize that you are looking for your twin flame, you will begin to look for them. Meeting your twin flame will not happen until you are ready. The relationship that you look for is out there and you hope to find it.

Before you meet your twin flame, you have to go through changes in your life. You have to be read for them and they have to be ready for you.

To prepare yourself, you have to learn to love who you are and to face challenges that you will work through.

Dark Night

When you face hard times and you are looking for your twin flame, you might feel that there is no hope for you. Your karmic love can happen, and you will find bad relationships along the way and this will make you feel that finding the one will be hopeless.

You will find disappointment and hopelessness throughout your life and when you stop focusing on love and focus on yourself, you will make changes that will get you closer.

Dark Night of the Soul

This is the part of you that feels that you are depressed and sad no matter what happens. You want to see hope and you have a hard time because you feel lost.

It is not uncommon for people to meet after you go through this stage because it prepares you for your awakening.

Conscious Thinking

Meeting your twin flame means there will be a deep connection. You will have disappointment and your heart will be broken but your soul will see that there is a change.

You will have an awakening and be on the same path and you will connect with your true self. This will be where you begin to change so that you can meet your twin flame. Know that your reunion is close.

This is where you will become a better you and where you will learn to cleanse yourself for your meeting.

Meeting Your Twin Flame

Once you meet your twin flame, you will know that you are meant to be with them. You will know that they are going to be important in your life.

You will feel an instant connection with them, and you will know they are the right person for you. The way that they act and the way that they behave will give you recognition of them.

This is a process, and it will be different for everyone. When your twin is awakened, they will be conscious that they are missing things, and they will not know how powerful the meeting will be. Once they awaken, they will see that they had a soul contract with you, and they need to get their spiritual side right.

Falling in Love

This will be the stage where you fall in love with them. You will be drawn to them and you will not know why. You will have strong passion and you will feel that they are the one for you.

This will be a honeymoon phase where you know that you are in live and this will be different than you ever felt before.

The reunion will be strong, and you will react to their soul. You will have passionate love and it will feel like yin and yang.


Once the interaction comes, there will be strong emotions. You will have a hard time understanding each other at times and you will begin to expose your deep parts of you.

Some will have a hard time admitting they have hidden parts. The mirroring will happen, and the partner will start to act like you. They will show their dark side and it will not always be a happy journey. At times they will love you and other times reject you.

You will become overwhelmed and sad at times and you will not know where the journey is going. You will see that you have to change and that you might be rejected along the way. You will be afraid of losing them.

Chasing and Runner

You will be forced to face who you are, and the relationship will be intense. There will be strong emotions and you will grow along the way. Everything that made you feel safe will become questionable.

Things will start to change fast, and one will want to run away from the relationship. This is because the emotions and the feelings are so strong. The one that is not as open will have to change and they will leave because they are afraid of that change. They will be afraid of losing who they are, and they will run away.

The partner that runs is the runner and then the other will be the chaser. This person has already grown, and they will run after the one that is running. They will want to make sure that they do not lose their relationship and even though this has to happen, the runner will be caught. The runner has masculine energy but doesn’t have to be a man.


This will be a time where you are separated from each other. You will have a phase of running and chasing and then both will go through the time of separation. You will see that you have a hard time facing what the relationship brings until you learn to see that you are going through your awakening.

This period of time can be hard, but it is a time where you need to work on yourself and learn to grow. You have a chance to raise your vibrations and your twin flame is doing the same. This will bring you back together, but you have to focus on your own growth.

When the runner stops running, they will realize their feelings were necessary and they will be open to changes and will want to get back together.

Being impatient is bad and it will cause you to have pride or ego. Be patient and let the reunion happen.


While the runner and chaser can be hard, you will eventually get back together. The runner will stop running and you will stop chasing and you will have a strong relationship.

These couples are ready to grow together and increase their vibrations. This is the phase where you will heal your wounds and you will no longer be afraid to open up to them. You will not let your ego control you and you will accept the other person and yourself.

These partners will go back and forth sometimes to the different stages, but you have to do this so that you can face issues that will cause harm.


The last stage is the twin flame union. This is after you both have awakened and you both have become whole. You will surrender to the union and so will your flame. There will no longer be selfish behavior, but you will both love yourself and each other.

The flames will end up together after you compete with each other, but you will be healthy and strong. You will see that this ended up being the best of everything and that you have grown and surrendered to love.

Be aware of what each of you bring into the relationship and see that it can be harmonious and peaceful and that you can learn unconditional love, support and hope. Become one with your flame.