What Does He Think About You?

What Does He Think About You?

As women, we spend a lot of time thinking about the men in our lives. We want to know that our significant other or romantic interest is also interested in us. We want to make sure they are taken care of, that they are ok, and what is going on with them.Unfortunately, men aren’t always the most communicative. While women are stereotyped as talking all the time, men often feel like they aren’t able to communicate well with the people around them. Rather than waste your time worrying about what guys are thinking, here are a few things that can be cleared up about their thought processes.

  1. You’re hard to get. Women have been told to be mysterious and to play hard to get for many years. This can sometimes make us seem aloof and unavailable to the men in our lives. Men like a chase, but they also want to be rewarded for their efforts. You want the guy you are interested in to know your value and respect who you are, but to also give him a break once in awhile.
  2. You’re perfect. men often think the women in their lives are perfect, especially at the beginning of a relationship. They love your personality, your body, and conversing with you. They don’t notice your flaws, unless you start pointing them out. Often our insecurities spill over and make him think these things about you. Don’t let your negativity impact how he sees you.
  3. You’re hot, no matter what. Men think that women are beautiful no matter what they are doing. You could be waking up after a late night, and they think you are beautiful. Doing dishes, at work, or driving, you are beautiful. Even when you think you are not beautiful, they appreciate you for exactly what you are.
  4. Why won’t you leave me alone? Guys want to be successful in many areas of their life. They want to be successful at work and in their relationships. In order to achieve balance, they sometimes need to pull back in one area to devote their attention to another place. Don’t take it personally if he needs to spend a little more alone time than usual and let him know you are there for him.
  5. Why don’t you initiate sex? Women often feel like they can’t initiate sex, even in a committed relationship. Guys wish their female counterparts would take the reigns more often in the romance department, as this makes them feel needed and desired as well.
  6. Do you think I’m attractive? Men want to be made to feel attractive and wanted just as much as we do. Men want to be complimented, even if they don’t always believe what you are saying about them. When he associates compliments with you, you’ll make him happier in the long run.

We can’t know what everyone is thinking, but we can make an effort to understand the people around us. Men aren’t complicated, and nor are women- if you want to know what someone is thinking, just ask! In a trusting relationship, the two of you can learn a lot about one another. 

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